9 Tips to Sing and Play Guitar at the Same Time Better

Are you having difficulty combining your hands and your voice? You know, you can play the song and you can also sing the song. But all will be perfect when you can sing and play guitar simultaneously. Singing while playing an electric or acoustic guitar can be a daunting challenge for a beginner.

9 Tips to Sing and Play Guitar at the Same Time Better
9 Tips to Sing and Play Guitar at the Same Time Better

Here are 9 tips to get you started. 

1. Apples to apples!

Just like a pianist using both hands to play two different rhythms at the same time, or a drummer using both hands and feet working independently, you need to combine your playing and singing rhythms in order that they sound seamless. Playing and singing are not two separate things.

2. Simple rhythms, simple rhymes

Don’t complicate things unnecessarily by selecting songs that are beyond your skill level. This may only leave you feeling defeated and frustrated. Start learning easy songs that you like and know well. Songs with only a few chords, simple strumming patterns, and lyrics that you can easily remember, like Happy Birthday, Lazy Song, or Bad Moon Rising are the perfect choices. 

Simple rhythms, simple rhymes
Simple rhythms, simple rhymes

3. Know your guitar basics

Trying to recollect how to hit the B7 chord while playing will make singing at the same time almost impossible. Your guitar playing should be at a level where changing chords is easy.

You need to be so comfortable with your strumming that you simply don’t even need to consider it. This may free you up to focus on singing.

4. Practice playing with a Metronome

For better timing and rhythm, practice with a metronome. Although it will feel a bit restrictive at first, the metronome will help you play more consistently. Take 10 minutes a day to simply practice with a metronome, and you’ll notice dramatic improvements in your timing within a few weeks.

Practice playing with a metronome
Practice your rhythm with Metronome

Apps Nemo offers a powerful metronome on the Guitar Tunio app or you can download our Pro Metronome app to practice your tempo and timing. 

5. Know how to play the song

Play music on your guitar until you have memorized it and can perform it fluently.

6. Know how to sing songs

In addition to getting all the chord changes, you must know the tune and lyrics. Choose a song and memorize the lyrics. Sing it wherever you can. When you can sing it without difficulty, that’s when you can play and sing at the same time.

7. Slow down

Singing and playing correctly, albeit slowly, is still a lot better than running the rhythm at full speed. Go calmly through each part, each passage, and each part of the song, until you can play and sing the whole song without errors. The speed will be faster when you are proficient.

Practice singing and playing guitar slowly
Practice singing and playing guitar slowly

8. Change the key

If you find yourself straining to hit the notes of a song, try changing the key so that the guitar’s tone adapts to your voice. Move the chord up one or two frets.

You can switch a segment to a lower or higher pitch. Try singing again until you find the right key for your voice. You can also change keys using the capo – this allows you to keep your finger the same as before.

9. Practice

Learning how to incorporate vocals into your guitar playing takes practice. Even once you’ve acquired the basic skill, you’ll need to add more and more new songs to your repertoire.

Above are 9 essential tips to help you sing and play guitar at the same time better. Hope the article helps you!

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