The Best Bass Guitar Tuner App for Bassists

Keeping the strings in tune is extremely important for instrumentalists in general and bass players in particular. It will be very difficult for a novice to correctly tune his/ her bass instrument by ear. That’s why a good tuning tool is needed. 

Instead of buying an expensive digital bass guitar tuner, you can find a great bass tuner in our Guitar Tunio app. Unlock all the pro features and easily tune your bass guitar right from your smartphone. Visit our Google Play store and App Store to download as well as grab the chance to try the advanced bass guitar tuner app for free for three days.

The best bass tuner app for bassists
The best bass tuner app for bassists

Bass Guitar Tuning Quality

There are many bass guitar tuners published in the app stores but many of them are not really accurate. The tuning indicator can bounce all over the place and be very erratic. It not only makes you take longer to tune up your bass, but you’ll wonder how correct your tuning actually is.

This is all due to the quality of the signal recognition engine that drives a tuner app. With the bass tuner found in the Guitar Tunio app, we use the best audio algorithm in the world to ensure that the tuning indicator will work effectively and that the pitch recognition is extremely accurate.

All Pro Tunings for Acoustic & Electric Bass

You can experience all the pro features of the bass guitar tuner in the Guitar Tunio Pro version. In the pro version, we offer a variety of bass guitar tuning for common basses, namely 4-string,  5-string, 6-string, and 7-string bass. Below is the detailed list of acoustic and electric bass tunings. 

Bass guitar tunings
Bass guitar tunings

4-string bass tuning

  • Standard
  • Drop D
  • Drop C
  • Drop B
  • Half step
  • Full step 
  • Open A
  • Open E

5-string bass tuning

  • Standard 
  • Tenor Standard 
  • Standard C
  • Drop A
  • F# B E A D

6-string bass tuning

  • Standard 
  • E A D G C F 
  • F# B E A D G

7-string bass tuning

  • Standard

With the assistance of the superb bass tuner, you can tune your bass precisely in minutes. Besides the standard bass tuning, you should try some other alternate tunings like drop C bass tuning or drop D bass tuning. These alternate tunings will make your bass guitar sound experience newer and more unique. All are provided in the premium bass tuner version.  

Additional Tools in the Bass Tuner

  • Metronome

With tap-for-tempo and multiple time signatures

  • Chromatic Tuner

For alternative tunings and any string instrument

  • Chord Library

With more than 1000 chords for guitar and ukulele

How to Use our Bass Guitar Tuner App

The tuner helps you tune your electric or acoustic bass guitar with a high level of precision and incredible ease. You don’t need any additional equipment because the app works directly with the microphone and the speakers in your smartphone. But, to achieve maximum accuracy, we do recommend you use a bass amp when tuning your beloved bass guitar. 

Tune your bass with Guitar Tunio
Tune your bass with Guitar Tunio

The first step is to select a type of bass guitar as your string instrument. Then, you can choose the ‘standard’ or another alternate tuning depending on your preference and the songs you want to play.

Our bass guitar tuner has two operating modes as the Manual mode and the Auto mode. The Manual mode allows you to choose which string you want to tune while the Auto mode is even easier – all automatic. With the mode, all you have to do is play a string, and our app will automatically determine what string you are trying to tune and the string deviation. You’ll see a small indicator right above the picture of the instrument headstock. As you adjust the tension on the string by turning the tuning pegs, the indicator will move on the screen, and let you know whether the pitch is too high (the string reads too sharp) or too low (the string reads too flat). Once the indicator reaches the middle of the screen, the string is in tune.

How to Tune a Bass Guitar

Tuning is a process where bass players change the tension on the strings in order to have these strings produce the correct note. Regularly, you would begin by tuning up the lowest (thickest) string. Using our cool bass tuner app, especially in the Auto mode, you will easily be able to know if the string reads too sharp or too flat so as to fix the string in tune. If your note is flat (the pitch being played is lower than the correct note), then you will tighten the tuning machine on the headstock to add tension to the string. In case the note is sharp (the pitch is higher than needed), you will drop the tension until it’s just right.

Most bass guitars are set up for ‘standard’ bass tuning. Alternate tunings can be used when you have good playing skills and an understanding of music theory, but ‘standard’ tuning is the most common way to tune.

For example, in 4-string bass, looking at your bass guitar strings from low to high, you will be tuning to these bass notes

  • 4th string (thickest): E
  • 3rd string: A
  • 2nd string: D
  • 1st string (thinnest): G

Practice Timing, Rhythm & Feel with Metronome

The bass guitar tuner is just one part of our powerful Guitar Tunio app. Download the app and you can also find an easy-to-use metronome to keep time while you practice and perform on stage as well. 

Practice timing, rhythm & feel with Metronome
Practice timing, rhythm & feel with Metronome

The Guitar Tunio app also provides the metronome feature with super high accuracy for instrumentalists. It helps bass players to maintain a regular tempo while practicing and learning difficult passages. Bassists can also use it in live performances and recording studios so as to ensure an accurate tempo throughout the performance or session. Frequently practicing with the powerful metronome helps bass players improve their rhythm retention as well as enhance their bass-playing skills.

Learn & Practice Bass Chords Everyday

Bassists can play any song they like and even compose their own music with a huge chord library found in the great bass tuning app. The bass tuner provides its users with more than 1000 guitar and ukulele chords. For newbies, learn one or a few new chords every day, practice combining them, and practice hard to improve your bass skills.

All in all, Guitar Tunio offers an incredible bass tuner, metronome, and many other additional features for bass players in particular and all musicians in general. Download our powerful app, explore all of the pro features and let us know your musical experience! 



Guitar Tunio always accompanies your music journey!