The Best Ukulele Tuner App

One of the first things that any ukulele player learns is to get their instrument tuned properly. However, beginners often do not have the skills to tune their ukulele by ear. Thus, a good ukulele tuner app comes in handy.

Superb ukulele tuner
The best ukulele tuner app

Fortunately, one of the best ukulele tuners for all beginners and experts can be found in the Guitar Tunio app. With our ultimate uke tuning tool featuring the most advanced technology available today, tuning your uke has never been easier. And even better, you can do it right on your Android and iOS smartphones. 


Tune your Uke with our Ukulele Tuning App

Guitar Tunio works directly with your smartphone’s microphone and speaker. The online ukulele tuner is highly versatile and features two easy-to-use tuning modes that save you time tuning your uke. You will see a ukulele head with four tuning pegs marked G, C, E, and A in Manual mode. When you press one of the keys, the app will play a realistic ukulele tone in the exact pitch. Play the corresponding string you have chosen to start tuning. The app will then show you whether the pitch is higher or lower. With this mode, you can also train your ears in addition to tuning the uke accurately and quickly. This is a hugely important skill that players of all levels benefit from.

Even simpler with Auto mode. In this mode, our smart ukulele tuning app can automatically identify the exact string you’re playing and give the correct feedback for you to tune.

All Ukulele Tunings Provided

In addition to the standard tuning, we introduce many other alternate ukulele tunings. Once you’ve gotten better at playing the uke, why not try some more alternate tunings? They can significantly inspire your sound. 

  • Soprano in C: GCEA
  • Concert: GCEA
  • Tenor: GCEA
  • Baritone: DGBE
  • Slack Key: GCEG
  • Slide: GCEA♯
  • Open D: ADF♯B
  • Drop G: GCEA
Ukulele tunings

Ukulele Tuning Quality

We mentioned it to you above, didn’t we? Our ukulele tuners use your mobile device’s speakers and mic to tune without needing additional equipment. There’s no need to doubt the precise performance our ukulele tuners can deliver because it adopts the world’s most advanced sound recognition algorithm. The uke tuning engine ensures stable performance, eliminates background noise, and accurately determines your instrument’s pitch.

Undoubtedly, the ukulele tuner found in the Guitar Tunio app is among the best online ukulele tuners you can find on the market.

Keep a Steady Tempo with Metronome

You also find a digital metronome in the Guitar Tunio app. We developed this feature in the application with the desire to help you practice and improve your ability to keep the beat and feel the music. Maintaining a steady tempo and timing is a must-have skill for every musician if you want to play well and master the instrument. So make good use of this virtual metronome and the uke tuner to perfect and develop your ukulele skills.

Keep a steady tempo with Metronome
Keep a steady tempo with Metronome

Tons of Ukulele Chords to Practice

We also provide an extensive ukulele chord library with over 1000 chords available for you to learn and practice anytime. Play individual ukulele chords, learn new chords you don’t know, and practice combining chords. Once you have mastered playing, you can write your melodies and songs.

+1000 guitar & ukulele chords
+1000 guitar & ukulele chords

Free Ukulele Tuner App

The chance to try this excellent ukulele tuner for free is open to everyone. Download Guitar Tunio from our app stores (App Store & Play Store) and use all premium features completely free for three days. A lot of superb features are waiting for you to unlock and experience.



Guitar Tunio always accompanies your music journey!

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