10 Benefits of Playing Guitar (Part 1)

Most musicians start learning to play guitar or any other instrument for entertainment purposes. Some others may take advantage of their guitar skills to impress and conquer the person they have a crush on. In addition to the benefits mentioned above, playing guitar has many other benefits that few people know about. Not only reducing stress but learning the guitar can also help you improve your health. In the article, we’ll point out 10 benefits of playing guitar.

Benefits of playing guitar
Benefits of playing guitar

1. Prevent Depression and Cardiovascular Diseases

Depression is a common disease in people who often work under great work pressure for a long time and continuously. Normally, people are less concerned with their own emotional trauma and this causes depression. Learning to play guitar can be a good solution to help people relieve stress. Instead of sharing your negative emotions and pressures with others, you can share them with music, with a guitar.

Playing guitar prevents depression and cardiovascular diseases
Playing guitar prevents depression and cardiovascular diseases

Not only prevents depression, but this also limits psychological diseases such as blood pressure and cardiovascular disease. Taking 1-2 hours a day to play guitar can help you lower your blood pressure and heart rate, and keep them stable. Let music soothe your soul.

2. Recharge for Daily Activities

The pressure of work and life sometimes drains your energy. Music is the best way to overcome the drain. Instead of sitting around worrying and tired, pick up the guitar and play your favorite piece of music and you’ll feel relaxed and excited in no time.

Recharge for Daily Activities
Recharge for daily activities

Studies show that fast-paced tunes often make people excited, stimulate the brain and help the body move more. When you’re nervous, the soft, soothing melody will calm you down and make you feel safe. Learning the guitar is that you can play a tune and master your own emotions. Instead of words of encouragement and all psychoactive drugs, the guitar will affect people’s emotions in very different and completely harmless ways.

3. Increase Memory Capacity

The study shows that listening to music and playing musical instruments can improve your memory capacity and stimulate your brain, even playing an instrument can raise your IQ by 13%. And it’s never too late to start learning how to play guitar. Playing guitar also increases the sensitivity and flexibility of the fingers and helps your brain stay awake to concentrate on work.

Playing guitar helps increase your memory capacity
Playing guitar helps increase your memory capacity

4. Build Discipline, Increase Concentration

Although learning to play an instrument can be quite challenging for you, do not give up early because it brings you many great benefits. One of the important qualities of a musician is discipline. You have to practice every day even if you don’t want, then you will become proficient at playing that instrument. Daily practice trains you to be disciplined. In addition, you must fully concentrate while practicing in order that your practice to work. Gradually, this will form a good habit and help you when you do anything.

5. Reduce Stress, Avoid Asthenia

This is so obvious, there’s no need to argue. Playing guitar can help you reduce stress. There’s nothing better than playing your favorite song on a guitar as your soulmate. Many studies show that it can reduce cortisol (a stress hormone) and help us feel more relaxed.

Reduce stress and avoid asthenia by playing guitar
Reduce stress and avoid asthenia by playing guitar

A psychiatrist specializing in the treatment of musicians, Michael Jolkovski, said, “Guitar can help us get rid of the troubles in life, different from the ways many people often apply such as eating a lot, alcohol, TV. or keep groping for unknown things on the Internet. It helps people become happier and more connected.”

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