The Best Banjo Tuner App

The Best Banjo Tuner

Banjo is an interesting instrument that attracts listeners with its unique and distinctive sound. Like any other musical instrument, the banjo also loses its appeal if it is out of tune. Therefore, it will take a good tuner to keep the banjo properly tuned and ensure it sounds as great as it should.

Guitar Tunio - the best banjo tuner app
Guitar Tunio – the best banjo tuner app

In the Guitar Tunio app, you can find a reliable banjo tuner. Our professional banjo tuner app will help you effortlessly and precisely tune your banjo without cable and extra accessories. It does even more with a useful metronome, a chromatic tuner, and more built-in. All in a single app and right on your smartphone. Guitar Tunio is now available on App Store and Google Play, check it out!

Banjo Tuning Quality

You may still have doubts about the effectiveness of banjo tuning apps compared to physical tuners. Tuning apps use the device’s mic directly to capture sound and decode the signal. Low-quality apps are often overly sensitive, picking up on any surrounding sounds, resulting in abnormal movement indicators. This makes it very difficult to tuning, spending a lot of time without really being sure if you have tuned correctly or not.

But with the banjo tuner in our Guitar Tunio app, you don’t have to be concerned about that. Our tuners use world-class sound-recognition algorithms and noise-canceling technology. Therefore, you can always be assured of the fast, accurate, and reliable tuning that our banjo tuner can deliver.

Other Impressive Features of our Banjo Tuner

More than just a standard banjo tuner, our amazing app does so much more. You can use this tuner to tune other folk instruments such as mandolin, mandola, mandocello, plus mandobass (and string instruments that are extremely familiar to us like guitar, bass, ukulele, etc.). With each instrument, in addition to the standard tuning, we also give you many other alternative tuning options to enrich your sound. Besides, it features a professional chromatic tuner. If you’re a seasoned veteran, you’ll love this feature because you can tune the banjo to any pitch you want. Moreover, a handy metronome is also included in the app to help you practice rhythm and timing once you’ve tuned it all up. 

How to Use our Banjo Tuner App

It’s super easy to tune your banjo with our app. After installing the Guitar Tunio Pro application successfully, open it and go to Settings. Select “Tuning Mode” and you will see all the instruments and tunings we support. Swipe left and find “Folk Instrument”, then select the tuning you want.

Tune your banjo with Guitar Tunio
Tune your banjo with Guitar Tunio

Our banjo tuner has two tuning modes: Manual and Auto. Manual mode allows you to select the strings you want to tune. Auto mode is even easier, just play any string and the tuner will automatically indicate the exact string you’re trying to tune. An on-screen moving indicator tells you whether the pitch is too high or too low. Turn the tuning peg on your banjo to adjust the string tension and observe the app’s response. Once the indicator settles in the center of the screen, your string is perfectly in tune. You can move on to the next string and repeat the same process. Once you’ve done all of the strings, your beloved banjo is ready to play. 

Getting your banjo tuned accurately has never been easier with our high-quality tuners. Download the Guitar Tunio app now and sign up for a free three-day trial of the banjo tuner and other premium features.


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