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Guitar Tunio - The Most Reliable & Accurate Tuner

Guitar Tunio makes your phone become a tuner

Guitar Tunio is an amazingly reliable and accurate tuning app for string instruments. This app is developed by AppsNemo – a leading mobile app development company specializing in free and paid apps related to music and musical instruments for Android and iOS.

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This tuner app helps musicians tune their instruments accurately in minutes and allows them to try many different alternate tunings. Guitar Tunio’s user interface is designed to be minimal, making the tuning process become easier, more comfortable, and more effective.

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Guitar Tunio also features an advanced digital metronome so that instrumentalists can practice and improve their timing, rhythm, and feel. In addition, a huge chord library for guitar and ukulele is available in the great tuning app so you can learn, practice, and enhance your skills and techniques.

Features of

Features of Guitar Tunio

Instrument Tuner

A reliable and accurate tuner for common stringed instruments including guitars, basses, ukuleles, cavaquinho, violin, etc. 

Over 200 Tunings

Standard, drop D, drop A, open C, half step down, and much more for 20 instruments.

Chromatic Tuner

For custom tunings and any instrument.


With tap-for-tempo and multiple time signatures for practicing timing, rhythm and feel.

Chord Library

More than 1000 chords for ukulele and guitar.

Guitar Tunio is available on the App Store and Google Play, check it out now!

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