The Best Mandolin Tuner App

The Best Mandolin Tuning App

Mandolin is a small stringed instrument in the lute family that adds color to European and American classical, folk, and traditional music. It produces a sound that’s unmistakable with any other instrument – a crisp, clear sound with a fast beat that’s boldly romantic and classical. It sucks, though, if a mandolin is out of tune. You will need a reliable mandolin tuner like Guitar Tunio to solve this problem. 

Guitar Tunio - the best mandolin tuner app
Guitar Tunio – the best mandolin tuner app

Our mandolin tuning app will help you tune your instrument exactly with ease.  You’ll certainly be impressed with the incredible accuracy that our superb tool delivers even without cables or ancillary equipment. Fast, accurate, reliable, and effortless is all you get when using the mandolin tuners in our premium Guitar Tunio app. It’s available now on the App Store and Google Play Store, check it out now!

Mandolin Tuning Quality

Many guitar and mandolin tuning apps available can make you doubt their effectiveness. Maybe you’ve had some experience with a few online tuners and have been frustrated with their unstable note recognition. But with the handy mandolin tuner in the Guitar Tunio app, you won’t have to worry about the precision you can get when tuning your beloved mandolin.

Our mandolin tuner uses the world’s most advanced audio algorithm ensuring incredibly stable and accurate note recognition. You don’t need any extra accessories because the tuner works directly with the microphone and speaker on your smartphone. 

All Pro Features of our Mandolin Tuning App

You may be even more impressed once you see all the premium features included in this mandolin tuner. In addition to the mandolin, you can use the tuner to tune other folk instruments including the mandola, mandocello, mandobass, balalaika, and banjo. It also features a chromatic tuner so that you can tune all musical instruments in any pitch you want. On top of that, a virtual metronome is packed to assist you in practicing your rhythm, timing, and feel.

Everything you look for and expect in a good mandolin tuner is in this single app. Check out the App Store and Google Play Store to download Guitar Tunio and grab your chance to use the versatile mandolin tuner for free.

How to Tune a Mandolin with Guitar Tunio

A mandolin has four pairs of steel strings tuned and each pair is tuned to the same exact note. The fourth string pair is made up of the thickest strings that have the lowest tone, and the first pair of strings are the thinnest ones with the highest tone. 

Standard mandolin tuning (G D A E)

  • Fourth string pair: G, G
  • Third string pair: D, D
  • Second string pair: A, A
  • First string pair: E, E
Tune your mandolin with Guitar Tunio
Tune your mandolin with Guitar Tunio

To tune a mandolin, you have to adjust the tension on the strings until they generate the intended note at the right pitch. Our mandolin tuner app has two tuning modes: Auto and Manual. With Manual mode, you can select the string you want to tune by simply pressing the corresponding note letter on the screen. The app will play the exact tone for you. From there, you then turn the tuning peg to adjust the tension on the string until it matches the note from the tuner. The indicator will move on the screen and tell you if the pitch is too high or too low. Once the indicator reaches the middle of the screen, your string is in tune, and you can move on to the next. 

Simple to tune your mandolin up with our Manual mode, right? But, the Auto mode is even easier. In Auto mode, all you have to do is play a string. Our app will automatically determine what string you are trying to tune and then guide you to tune it correctly. 

Free Mandolin Tuner in Your Hand 

You have the chance to use the advanced mandolin tuner and all pro features completely free of charge for three days. Download the Guitar Tunio app on the App Store and Play Store and start your free trial now. 



Guitar Tunio always accompanies your music journey!

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