The Best Guitar Tuner App for Beginners & Experts 

Our top-quality guitar tuner app makes it easy to tune your guitar with the same precision as expensive professional electrical equipment. This virtual guitar tuner is the perfect tool for any musician, catering to the needs of both novices and veterans. Not just a simple guitar tuning app, it can help you much more. All in a single tuning app.

The best guitar tuner app for beginners & experts
The best guitar tuner app for beginners & experts

Free Guitar Tuner App

Instead of investing a lot of money in an expensive physical guitar tuner with only one function is to tune, why not visit the App Store or Google Play and download the Guitar Tunio app?

Free guitar tuner app
Free guitar tuner app

Our app is available for free for all Android and iOS smartphones. What’s more, in addition to performing well as a high-quality guitar tuner, it also provides you with many other convenient features such as an enhanced metronome, an extensive chord library, a set of over 200 alternate tuning for many string instruments, etc. Tuning your guitar and improving your guitar skills has never been this simple.

Download Guitar Tunio now and grab the chance to use all these outstanding features for free!


Excellent Guitar Tuning Quality

The downside of most guitar tuning apps on the market today, which work with the device’s microphone, is that they’re too sensitive to sound. When you use them to tune your guitar, their indicator may respond to any surrounding sounds. That makes tuning difficult and not really accurate. Fortunately, you will never have this problem with our high-quality guitar tuner.

Guitar Tunio uses the most advanced sound recognition algorithm in the world to ensure that the feedback you receive is always stable and extremely accurate. So enjoy playing the string and tune it to the right pitch.  

Top-rated Guitar Tuner App with All Guitar Tunings

Guitar Tunio supports many tuning options for guitarists, including standard tuning and many alternative tunings like drop c, open g, drop a, half step down, and more. Below is a list of all the guitar tunings Guitar Tunio offers.

Top-rated guitar tuner app with all guitar tunings
Top-rated guitar tuner app with all guitar tunings

For standard guitar 

  • Standard guitar tuning
  • Lower, DownTuned tuning
  • Higher, HighTuned tuning
  • Dropped tuning
  • Double Dropped tuning
  • Step tuning
  • Open tuning
  • Cross-Note tuning
  • Modal tuning
  • Extended tuning

(See details here)

For 7-string and 12-string guitars 

  • Standard
  • Metal
  • Jazz
  • Russian Open G
  • Variant

(See details here)

Tune Your Guitar with our Online Guitar Tuner App

Guitar Tunio helps you conveniently tune your guitar without cables by using the microphone and speaker in your smartphone. Our versatile guitar tuner has two operating modes: Manual and Auto. With Manual mode, you simply select the string you want to tune on the app’s tuning screen and the app plays a realistic guitar tone in the exact pitch for you. Play the exact string you’ve chosen and our indicator will tell you whether it’s too sharp (higher pitch) or too flat (lower pitch). Once the indicator stabilizes in the middle of the screen that you have tuned up the correct pitch, move on to the next string.

Tune your guitar with Guitar Tunio
Easily and accurately tune your guitar with Guitar Tunio

Things are even simpler with Auto mode. In this mode, all you have to do is to play any string and the app will automatically determine the string you’re trying to tune. The indicator moves on the screen and shows you whether the pitch is correct or not.

Practice Rhythm & Keep Timing with Metronome

A virtual metronome is also found in our digital guitar tuning app. You can use the metronome to practice keeping a steady tempo while practicing, recording in the studio, and performing on stage. Practicing daily with a metronome is a great way to improve your rhythm, timing, and feel. What guitar player doesn’t want to master these skills?

Practice Guitar Chords & Compose Your Own Songs

An extensive guitar chord library with over 1000 chords ready to be explored. Get the premium guitar tuner version and visit the chord library to see all guitar chords. Learn a few new chords every day, practice combining them, and gradually you can master them. and even compose your own songs.

+1000 guitar and ukulele chords
+1000 guitar and ukulele chords

It’s not hard to improve your skills and master guitar with Guitar Tunio. Download the app now and grab the chance to experience all of these great features for free.



Guitar Tunio always accompanies your music journey!

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