5 Tips To Playing Electric Guitar For Beginners

There are many types of guitars, one of which is electric guitars. With modern styles, electric guitars are becoming more and more popular and the need to learn electric guitar is increasing. But before learning, we need to have a certain understanding of electric guitars and how to learn electric guitars effectively. In this article, we will teach you 5 tips for learning to play the electric guitar more efficiently. 

Characteristics of Electric Guitars

Characteristics of Electric Guitars

Invented in 1931, electric guitars were born based on a mechanism that converts the frequency of the vibrating strings into electrical energy. In terms of structure, electric guitars have the same structure as traditional guitars, with only the difference in the body, while traditional guitars have a solid body and resonant sound hole, electric guitars have a solid and flat body. In addition, the shape of electric guitars is also much richer than that of traditional guitars.

5 Tips To Playing Electric Guitar For Beginners

Electric guitars are considered to be easy to learn and play. That ease, however, still must be within the framework of standard rules and lessons. The rules in the electric guitar self-study method are:

Tune The Electric Guitar Correctly

Tuning your instrument properly is one of the most important skills for any guitarist when playing the electric guitar. With the correct tuning, you get:

  • Good sound: Correctly tuning will give the right and good sound.
  • Comfort while playing: If your electric guitar is strung too tight, it will be almost impossible to play, and it takes very strong force to press the strings down the fret. This not only causes problems with the sound but also causes hand pain and slows down playing speed.
Tune your electric guitar properly

To tune your guitar fast and accurately, you can use a digital tuner or a free guitar tuner app. We offer an incredibly powerful guitar tuner in the Guitar Tunio app. Guitar Tunio – Guitar Tuner is available for both Android and iOS, enjoy downloading it for free and tune your electric guitar now!

Listen Over And Over Again

This is always a good learning method, especially when you need to memorize it. Listening to the same music over and over again will help you memorize melodies faster, making it possible to play in a shorter time … The important point when learning to play an electric guitar is to listen and be able to play the pieces of music you have heard.

Listen again and again

Don’t just focus on listening to guitar solos, although that’s always good for learning, listen to singers, basslines, improvised music, or arbitrary combinations of sounds from the guitar player. Whatever you hear helps – as simple as possible, since you’re still learning.

Play Alternately Easy and Difficult Segments

If you play the easy music segment many times, you will feel bored, but playing the difficult part will be frustrating. So, let’s take turns playing the easy and difficult music segments, and then the easy and the hard ones. This helps you feel most comfortable while playing guitar and quickly enhances your skills.

Learn music theory

Understanding music theory helps you learn more fluently and completely master your instrument. To become an expert, you need to understand the basic theories about chords, intervals, notes, rhythm, beat, etc. 

Don’t Use Stomp Box When Practicing With Your Guitar

Don’t Use Stomp Box When Practicing With Your Guitar
Don’t Use Stomp Box When Practicing With Your Guitar

Although a stomp box can give you a great and steady shred, it hides your technical flaws as well. The clear guitar sound will show you all mistakes when playing. Use the stomp box when playing with friends or when you want to play alone.

Learning electric guitar is not difficult, it is important that you have the right learning method, true love for guitar, and high determination. Hope this article is useful for you!

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