When You Were Mine Chords by Jackson Singleton

The article is about “When You Were Mine” chords. We will explore the chord progression of the track “When You Were Mine” by Jackson Singleton and learn how to play it on guitar and ukulele.

Track Info

When You Were Mine Chords By Jackson Singleton Wp
  • Song: When you were mine
  • Artist: Jackson Singleton
  • Writers: Jackson Singleton

Chords Info

  • Tuning E A D G B E
  • Capo No capo
  • Chord used D A Bm E F#m

AWhen you were Dmine

I’d Ehold you all the Atime

When you were Dmine

We’d Esplit the bottle of Awine

When you were Dmine

All of the Etime

Holding you F#mtight

DWhen you were Amine

AI need you Dhere

I’m Ecold and lost wiAthout you

I need you Dnear

I’m Etired and need a Abed

But I’ll do my Dbest lay flat on my Echest

And try not to F#mcry

DWhen you were Amine

If Bmyou should have a change of Emind

I’d drop everyAthing to be Eright by your F#mside

If you Bmwant to be Eright

I’ll leave this Abroken Eheart beF#mhind

Dwhen you were Amine

AI know that Dtime

Is Ewhat I should hold Aon to

To just say goodDbye

And Eput the love to Arest

But I don’t wanna Ddry these tears in my Eeyes

And leave you beF#mhind

DWhen you were Amine

DWhen you were Amine

DWhen you were Amine

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