What is a Minor Chord?

Minor chords are an essential component of music, offering a contrasting and often more melancholic sound compared to major chords. They contribute to the emotional depth and variety of musical compositions across various genres. In the article, we will learn about minor chords: how to build a minor chord and notes in minor chords.

What is a minor chord?

In music theory, a minor chord consists of three notes: the root, the minor third, and the perfect fifth. The root note establishes the chord’s name and serves as its foundation. The minor third is a specific interval, three semitones above the root, and it is responsible for giving the chord its characteristic minor quality. Lastly, the perfect fifth is seven semitones above the root and adds stability to the chord. For instance, in the key of C minor, the C minor chord comprises the notes C, E♭, and G. When played together, these three notes create the distinct sound of the C minor chord.

C minor
C minor

Minor chords are associated with a range of emotions, including sadness, introspection, and tension. They often evoke a more somber or mysterious mood compared to major chords. Consequently, minor chords are widely used in various musical genres such as classical, jazz, rock, pop, and more. They can be employed to create introspective melodies, harmonic progressions, and contrasting sections within a composition.

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Notes in minor chords 

 Here are the notes in minor chords based on each root note in the chromatic scale:

Chord nameChord notes
CmC – E♭ – G
C♯mC♯ – E – G♯
D♭mD♭ – F♭ (E) – A♭
DmD – F – A
D♯mD♯ – F♯ – A♯
E♭E♭ – G♭ – B♭
EmE – G – B
FmF – A♭ – C
F♯mF♯ – A – C♯
G♭mG♭ – A – D♭
GmG – B♭ – D
G♯mG♯ – B – D♯
A♭mA♭ – C♭ (B) – E♭
AmA – C – E
A♯mA♯ – C♯ – E♯ (F)
B♭mB♭ – D♭ – F
BmB – D – F♯
Minor chord table

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