Desperado Chords by Eagles

The article is about desperado chords. We will give you the chords of Desperado – a song by the band Eagles and guide you on how to play this song on guitar. Pick up your guitar and practice with us!

Track Info

Desperado Chords By Eagles
  • Song: Desperado
  • Artist: Eagles
  • Writers: Don Henley, Glenn Frey
  • Producers: Glyn Johns
  • Album: Desperado

Chords Info

  • Tuning E A D G B E
  • Key G
  • Capo No capo
  • Chord used G Em D7 Cm G7 C A7 D Bm Am B7



Verse 1

DespeGrado,G7  why don’t you Ccome to your Cmsenses?

You’ve been Gout ridin’ Emfences for A7so long D7now

Oh, you’re a Ghard one, but I know that Cyou got your Cmreasons

These Gthings that are Empleasin’ you can A7hurt you D7someGhow D


Don’t you Emdraw the queen of Bmdiamonds, boy

She’ll Cbeat you if she’s Gable

You know the Emqueen of hearts is Calways your best Gbet D

Now it Emseems to me some Bmfine things

Have been Claid upon your Gtable

But you Emonly want the A7ones that you can’t Amget D

Verse 2

DespeGrado,G7  woah, you ain’t Cgettin’ no younger

Your Gpain and your Emhunger, they’re A7drivin’ you D7home

And Gfreedom, oh, G7freedom, well, that’s just Csome people talkin’

Your Gprison is Emwalkin’ through this A7world D7all aGlone D


Don’t your Emfeet get cold in the Bmwintertime?

The Csky won’t snow and the Gsun won’t shine

It’s Emhard to tell the Cnighttime from the Gday D

You’re Emlosin’ all your Bmhighs and lows

Ain’t it Cfunny how the Gfeelin’ goes

AAmway? DD7

Verse 3

DespeGrado, G7 why don’t you Ccome to your Cmsenses?

Come Gdown from your Emfences, A7open the D7gate

It may be Grainin’G7, but there’s a Crainbow aCmbove you

You better Glet somebody Emlove you (CLet somebody Amlove you)

You better Glet someB7body Emlove you beAmfore it’s D7too Glate


G7 CCm G

Above are the Desperado chords and lyrics. Tune your guitar properly with the Guitar Tunio app and practice playing the song with our guide. We hope you love it!