5 Best Electric Guitar Tuner Apps 2023

As a guitarist, it’s essential to keep your instrument in tune. Whether you’re playing live or recording, a good tuner is a must-have. Fortunately, with the advancement of technology, there are many great electric guitar tuners online and apps available for your smartphone. In this article, we’ll take a look at five of the best electric guitar tuner apps in 2023.

5 Best Electric Guitar Tuner Apps
5 Best Electric Guitar Tuner Apps

5 Best Guitar Tuner Apps for Electric Guitar

Guitar Tuna

Guitar Tuna is one of the most popular guitar tuner apps available designed by Yousician. It’s a free app that offers a user-friendly interface and a variety of tuning options for guitar, bass, ukulele, violin, and other stringed instruments. The app features a clean and intuitive interface that allows you to quickly and easily tune your electric guitar. It also includes games and exercises to help improve your skills. In addition to the mobile application, Yousician also developed another website version for Guitar Tuna. This online electric guitar tuner will allow users to quickly tune their instruments without downloading any apps.

PitchLab Guitar Tuner

PitchLab Guitar Tuner is another popular electric guitar tuner app that offers high accuracy tuning with a simple interface. It offers a wide range of tuning options and modes, including standard tuning, drop tuning, and more. It also has a built-in metronome and chord library for practicing.

Guitar Tunio

Guitar Tunio is a simple and easy-to-use electric guitar tuner app that offers accurate tuning for guitar,  bass, and 18 other common stringed instruments. Its clean and intuitive interface makes tuning your electric guitar incredibly quick and easy. It features two modes to operate such as automatic and manual. The app provides a set of over 200 tuning modes, including standard tuning, drop tuning, open tuning, modal tunings, etc. It also includes a virtual metronome to help musicians practice their timing and rhythm, as well as an extensive chord library for guitar and ukulele. In addition, you can find some built-in convenient features such as a left-handed mode for lefties, pro accuracy, guitar headstock, and more. 

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Fender Tune

Fender Tune is a guitar tuner app designed by the famous guitar manufacturer, Fender. It helps users effortlessly and quickly tune their instruments with a simple and intuitive interface. Similar to the aforementioned apps, it also includes a variety of tuning modes for different playing styles, including standard tuning, drop tuning, and open tuning. Plus, this Fender app offers a chord library and the ability to save custom tunings. The best part is that you get to experience all of this for free! Besides, Fender offers an electric guitar online tuner on their website so that musicians can conveniently use it when they’re online. 

Pro Guitar Tuner

Pro Guitar Tuner is another highly rated app for its efficiency. It is a reliable tuner for string instruments with various tunings. In this guitar tuner app, guitar players can find a rich chord library and the ability to save custom tunings. Pro Guitar Tuner is ready to be used both on android and ios mobile devices, and online as well.

Experiment and find the best electric guitar tuners 

How do you tune an electric guitar? With the assistance of any of the five tuners mentioned above, it shouldn’t be hard to keep your electric guitar stay perfectly in tune. All of them are easy to use and offer a variety of features so that your tuning can be done quickly and accurately. Try them out and find the one that works best for you.

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