Your Love Never Fails Chords By Jesus Culture

Looking to master Your Love Never Fails chord by Jesus Culture on guitar? Look no further! In this article, we’ll explore the chords and progressions that make up this uplifting and soulful song.

Track Info

Your Love Never Fails Chords
  • Song: Your Love Never Fails Chords
  • Artist: Jesus Culture

Chords Info

  • Tuning E A D G B E
  • Capo 3rd fret
  • Strumming pattern D D U U D U
  • Chord used C G Am D Em







Verse 1

EmNothing canC separate

GEven if I Dran away

EmYour love never faCils G  D

EmI know I stillC make mistakes

But YouC have new mercies for meD everyday

EmYour love never faCils G  D


CYou stay the sameG through the agesD

AmYour love never chCanges

There may be Gpain in the night but Djoy comes in the moAmrning

CAnd whenG the oceans raDge

I don’t Amhave to be afraidC

Because I Gknow that You love meD

AmYour love never fails 


Verse 2

EmThe wind is strong and theC water’s deep

But I’mG not alone here in these Dopen seas

Cause EmYour love never faCils G  D

EmThe chasm is Cfar too wide

GI never thought I’d reach the Dother side

But EmYour love never faCils G  D


You makeC all things Emwork together for myD good.

Above, you’ll find “Your Love Never Fails” chord and lyrics by Jesus Culture. Get your guitar ready, and let’s dive into practicing this beautiful song together! Follow the tab below and strum along, immersing yourself in the uplifting melody and powerful message. We hope you enjoy playing “Your Love Never Fails” as much as we do!