Top 4 Ukulele Tuner Apps For Free

Mastering the art of tuning the ukulele is one of the initial challenges that every player encounters. For beginners, achieving the perfect pitch by ear can be quite daunting, if not impossible. This is where a reliable ukulele tuner app proves invaluable.

Guitar Tunio

Outstanding features

Guitar Tunio is not only a ukulele tuner app but also helps you achieve standard pitch for many other instruments such as guitar, violin, mandolin, bass… However, I only emphasize the stringing feature for ukulele. With 2 modes of manual and automatic stringing, it helps users to operate easily according to their purposes.

In automatic mode, you just need to pluck any string, the app will detect which string it is out of the 4 strings and automatically provide the precise pitch for you to adjust. With high flexibility and accuracy, Guitar Tunio is rated as the top stringing app for ukulele, convenient and fast.

Diverse tuning 

In addition to the standard tuning option, the application offers numerous alternative tuning modes, offering players a wider range of options while playing the ukulele. These include:

  • Soprano in C: GCEA
  • Concert: GCEA
  • Tenor: GCEA
  • Baritone: DGBE
  • Slack Key: GCEG
  • Slide: GCEA♯
  • Open D: ADF♯B
  • Drop G: GCEA

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Guitar Tunio App For Tuning Ukulele
Guitar Tunio – app for tuning ukulele

Ukulele Tuner

If you don’t want to search for an app with too many features like Guitar Tunio, then Ukulele Tuner is the perfect fit for you. Ukulele Tuner is designed for ukulele players, providing various tuning options as well as supportive knowledge for ukulele enthusiasts. Therefore, this is truly a useful app, especially for beginners who are not yet fully familiar with this type of musical instrument. 

Similar to Guitar Tunio, the Ukulele Tuner app also offers 8 tuning styles, allowing players to flexibly adjust. The app is recommended for beginners due to its simple interface and easy operation, featuring 3 main functions: tuning, chord, and game. Ukulele chords are arranged from easy to difficult and illustrated with images to help you easily memorize them. This is the app’s advantage, making it the best ukulele tuner app for quite some time.

If you don’t know how to use the app, you can refer to the following video on how to tune and practice chords: Watch the video tutorial!

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Ukulele Tuner App Best App Free You Should Try
Ukulele tuner app – best app free you should try


GuitarTuna” is a widely trusted tuning app used by musicians worldwide, not only for guitars but also for ukuleles and various other instruments. Especially when used for ukuleles, GuitarTuna provides high accuracy and convenience that ukulele players highly appreciate.

The app features quick and easy tuning, allowing users to simply pluck each string of the ukulele, and the app will automatically detect and display the pitch of each string. This enables players to adjust their strings quickly and accurately without worrying about tuning errors.

GuitarTuna is suitable for individuals with advanced skills, as the app is designed with more comprehensive and complex features. It not only focuses on tuning but also provides a wealth of knowledge and additional skills. Therefore, it may seem daunting for beginners.

Fender Tune

Fender Tune offers a versatile tuning feature, providing high accuracy and convenience for ukulele players. Below are some prominent features of the ukulele tuning function in this app:

  • Automatic Tuning Mode: Fender Tune allows users to tune quickly and easily using the automatic tuning mode. Simply pluck each string of the ukulele, and the app will automatically detect and display the pitch of each string.
  • Multiple Tuning Styles: In addition to the standard tuning (GCEA), Fender Tune also provides various tuning styles for ukulele such as Soprano, Concert, Tenor, Baritone, allowing players to choose the tuning style that suits their needs.
  • Customization Mode: Users can also customize the tuning pitch according to their personal preferences or the requirements of a specific song.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Fender Tune has an easy-to-use interface with clear charts and indicators, making it easy for users to tune without unnecessary difficulties.
  • Chord Learning Support: In addition to the tuning feature, Fender Tune also provides chord learning support for ukulele players, helping them enhance their music playing skills comprehensively.

With the aid of these innovative applications, even novice ukulele enthusiasts can swiftly and accurately tune their instruments, paving the way for a harmonious musical journey. Whether it’s exploring new melodies or honing existing skills, having a reliable ukulele tuner app at hand ensures that every strum resonates with precision and clarity.