Savior Complex Chords by Phoebe Bridgers

Savior Complex chords by Phoebe Bridgers are captivating music for guitar players to explore. Released as part of her album “Punisher” in 2020, it offers a rich landscape for guitarists to dive into, both musically and emotionally.

Track Info

Savior Complex Chords By Phoebe Bridgers
  • Song: Savior Complex
  • Artist: Phoebe Bridgers
  • Writers: Phoebe Bridgers.
  • Album: Punisher

Chords Info

  • Tuning E A D G B E
  • Capo no capo
  • Chord used Am A E C#m Caug Emaj7 F#

Verse 1

EEmotional afEmaj7fair

EOverly sinEmaj7cere

Smoking in the Acar, windows Amup

Crocodile Etears, run the tap ’til it’s Emaj7clear

Chorus 1

EDrift off on the Emaj7floor

EI drag you to the emaj7shore

Sweating Athrough the sheets

You’re gonna Amdrown in your Esleep

For Emaj7sure, wake up and start a biAg fiAmre

In our Eone room F#apartment

But I’m Atoo Amtired

To have a Epissing F#contest

All the C#mbad dreaCaugms that you Ehide

Show me Ayours, I’ll Amshow you mine

E Emaj7 A Am

Chorus 2

ECall me when you Emaj7land

EI’ll drive around aEmaj7gain

One hand Aon the wheel, one in your Ammouth

Turn me Eon and turn me Emaj7down

Baby, you’re a AvamAmpire

You want Eblood and I F#promised

I’m a Abad Amliar

With a sEavior F#complex

All the C#mskeletonCaugs you hiEde

Show me yours and I’ll Amshow you mine

All the C#mbad dreaCaugms that you Ehide

Show meA yoursAm

Take the time to feel and express the spirit of Savior Complex chords through guitar technique and emotional performance. With simple yet emotive chords, this song presents both a challenge and an opportunity for guitar players to demonstrate the subtlety and depth in Bridgers’ music.