List of the Violin Family Tunings

Guitar Tunio – Guitar Tuner even works well with instruments of the violin family such as violin, viola, cello, fiddle, and double bass. The great app supports most of the common violin family tunings. Upgrade the tuner to Pro in order to unlock all of the tunings and experience all the great features of the Guitar Tuner. The tuner is available on App Store and Google Play Store, check it out!

List of the violin family tunings
List of the violin family tunings

Below is a list of the violin family tunings we offer in the Guitar Tunio Pro. 

Violin Tuning

Standard: G-D-A-E
Cajun: F-C-G-D
Open G: G-D-G-B
Sawmill: G-D-G-D
Gee Dad: G-D-A-D
Old Timey: A-D-A-E
Cross: A-E-A-E
Calico: A-E-A-C♯
Tenor Violin: G-D-A-E

Viola Tuning

Standard: C-G-D-A

Cello Tuning

Standard: C-G-D-A
5th suite: C-G-D-G
Zoltan Kodaly: B-F♯-D-A

Fiddle Tuning

Standard: G-D-A-E

Double Bass Tuning

Standard: E-A-D-G
Solo: F♯-B-E-A

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