Impossible Germany Chords by Wilco

The article is about the “Impossible Germany” chords. We will explore the chords of the song “Impossible Germany” by Wilco and learn how to play this song on guitar.

Track Info

Impossible Germany Chords By Wilco Wp
  • Song: Impossible Germany
  • Artist: Wilco
  • Writers: Glenn Kotche, John Stirratt, Pat Sansone, Nels Cline, Mikael Jorgensen, Jeff Tweedy
  • Producers: Wilco
  • Album: Sky Blue Sky

Chords Info

  • Tuning E A D G B E
  • Capo No capo
  • Chord used Am7 Cmaj7 Em7 G Am7sus4

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Am7 Cmaj7 x4

Verse 1

Am7sus4Impossible Germany

Cmaj7Unlikely Japan

GWherever you Em7go

Wherever you Am7sus4 Am7 Am7sus4 Am7 Am7sus4 Am7 land

Am7sus4I’ll say what this means to me

Cmaj7I’ll do what I can

GImpossible GerEm7many

Unlikely Am7sus4 Am7 Am7sus4 Am7 Am7sus4 Am7 Japan

Verse 2

Cmaj7The fundamental probAm7lem

Cmaj7We all need to Am7face

GThis is imEm7portant

Am7But I know you’re not liCmaj7stening

Am7Oh, I know you’re not lisCmaj7tening

Verse 3

Am7sus4If this was still new to me

Cmaj7I wouldn’t understand

GImpossible GerEm7many

Unlikely Am7sus4 Am7 Am7sus4 Am7 Am7sus4 Am7 Japan

Cmaj7But this is what love is Am7for

Cmaj7To be out of Am7place

GGorgeous and Em7alone

Face to Am7sus4 Am7 Am7sus4 Am7 Am7sus4 Am7 face

Verse 4

Am7sus4With no larger problems

Cmaj7That need to be erased

GNothing more imporEm7tant Am7than to know

Someone’s lisCmaj7tening

Am7Now I know

You’ll be lisCmaj7tening


G Em7 Am7


Am7 Cmaj7

Above are the “Impossible Germany” chords and lyrics. Pick up your instrument and practice this song now. Hope you like this tab.