How to Remember Guitar Notes?

There are many friends who learn guitar having the same question: how or what is the secret to remember guitar notes. Because you are new to the guitar, especially when you start learning guitar theory, you will be overwhelmed by a pile of notes. Remembering the note position on the stave is hard, remembering the note position on the guitar neck is even harder.


For those who have just bought a guitar and started playing, remembering guitar notes is quite difficult. To make it easy for you to remember notes so that you can practice running fingers and chords well, I would like to give you a simple way to identify notes on the guitar neck.

What is a guitar note?

If you study guitar theory or simply guitar notes, you will know the following notes:

DO – RE – MI – FA – SOL – LA – SI – DO. That is the name and the symbol in the guitar will be as: C – D – E – F – G – A – B – C .

The above notes follow the law of whole step and half step: All notes are separated by whole – step (W) except for the notes E – F and B – C which are half step (H).

On the stave is shown as follows:

So on the guitar neck, how are notes expressed?

The frets on the guitar are the metal strips placed along the fretboard. Consider that each fret on the guitar neck is half step. So you know that guitar strings consist of 6 strings from top to bottom (from thickness string to thinnest string). They are symbolized as E-A-D-G-B-E on the guitar as follow:

Strings on guitar
Strings on guitar

Thus how to determine the remaining notes. For example, what should I do if I define C – D – E – F – G – A – B – C ? Below is a detailed image of the notes on the guitar neck. Do you know why the notes split so suddenly on the neck?

Let’s look at the bottom in order from 6 -> 1 (bottom to top) as I said

Starting from string number 6: We have a  string that is E, the lower E compartment will be F. Because according to the law of whole step and half step, E-F is separated by H and each fret on the guitar is considered H, the fret under E will be F. Similarly, F-G is separated by 1 step, so they are separated by 2 frets.

Or string 5: the string is A. We have A-B separated by 1 step so they are separated by 2 musical patterns. Similarly, B- C are H, so they are separated by 1 fret.

So as long as you remember the position of 6 strings and the law of W and H of notes, you will identify all the notes on the guitar neck easily and quickly.


It’s a lot easier to remember your guitar notes now, right? Let’s apply this theory to running your fingers every day. That way you will get your hands on it very quickly

After remembering the guitar notes, the next lesson you should learn is how to tune your instrument. You will know why keeping your guitar in tune is so important, and how to tune your guitar through different tools and methods. Playing guitar is a long process, stay calm and don’t be in a hurry, you will succeed. Good luck.