How To Master 8 String Ukulele Tuning

If you’re eager to explore new sonic possibilities and expand your musical horizons, consider the unique charm of an eight-string ukulele. Drawing inspiration from the rich resonance of a twelve-string guitar, the doubled strings of an eight-string ukulele effortlessly elevate your instrument’s sound, infusing it with depth and warmth. Today, we will introduce to you how to master 8-string ukulele tuning. 

Characteristics of an 8 string ukulele

Less common types of ukuleles often employ different standard tunings compared to the basic four varieties. This distinction is particularly evident in ukuleles that feature additional strings, like the guitalele (guitar ukulele) and the 8-string ukulele.

The most distinctive feature is the number of strings. Instead of the usual 4 strings found in traditional ukuleles, the 8 string ukulele has 8 strings, arranged in four pairs, each pair tuned together.

The presence of additional strings creates a wider range of sound, providing richer sound options and the ability to produce more diverse melodies. Some 8 string ukuleles have designs and sizes similar to traditional ukuleles, while others may have different designs to accommodate the 8 strings.

Due to the extra strings, tuning and maintaining the instrument may require more technical skill than with a 4 string ukulele. Players need to regularly adjust the strings to ensure optimal sound.

Characteristics Of An 8 String Ukulele
Characteristics Of An 8 String Ukulele

How To tune 8-string ukulele

The standard tuning for an 8-string ukulele is usually tuned in pairs, with the strings in each pair tuned to the same note. These string pairs can be tuned in two different ways: with the pairs tuned to the same octave as each other, or with the pairs tuned an octave apart. However, the most common approach involves a combination of both types of tuning.

The standard tuning for an 8-string ukulele, whether it’s a soprano, concert, or tenor size, is as follows: G4-G3, C3-C4, E3-E3, A4-A4. This tuning is chosen to preserve the characteristic ukulele sound while enhancing its richness. Interestingly, this tuning style aligns with the tuning used on Tahitian ukuleles.

8 String Ukulele Tuning Tuning
8 String Ukulele Tuning Tuning

Guitar Tunio and Ukulele Tuner by Tunio are two extremely accurate and convenient tuning apps for ukulele. Both of these apps are available on both iOS and Android platforms, allowing you to tune easily anywhere. They both offer high accuracy and user-friendly interfaces, making them especially suitable for beginners. With the automatic tuning mode, your tuning process will become much simpler.

In conclusion, mastering the 8-string ukulele tuning is a rewarding endeavor that opens doors to a world of musical creativity and expression. By understanding the unique tuning patterns and techniques specific to this instrument, you can unlock its full potential and create captivating melodies with ease.