How to Clean a Guitar

Like other items, guitars require cleaning after extended usage or inactivity. Some common questions that we get are “How do I clean my guitar?”  “How do I clean the fingerboard?” You’ll get the answers you need so you can keep your guitar looking and sounding great for a lifetime


Before cleaning your guitar, wash your hands, it is the important part.

Gather your tools:

  • A soft, lint – free cloth
  • Guitar cleaner/polish
  • Guitar string cleaner

How to clean a guitar: step by step

Step 1: Remove the strings

If you want to give your guitar a thorough cleaning, you should remove the strings. This will allow you to clean the fretboard and the other hard-to-reach areas more easily. Loosen the strings until they are slack, and then lift them off the guitar’s bridge pins.

Remove guitar strings
Remove the strings

Step 2: Clean the fretboard

To clean the fretboard, use a guitar polish or cleaner. Use a soft cloth and a small bit of the cleaner/polish to rub the fretboard. Make sure to explore every crevice and corner. If there is any grime on the frets, wipe them off with a guitar string cleaner. 

Clean the fretboard
Clean guitar fretboard

Step 3: Clean the body

Use the same cloth to clean the body of the guitar. Apply a small amount of the cleaner/polish to a soft cloth and rub it into the surface of the guitar, including the front, back, and sides. Be sure to avoid getting any polish or cleaner on the strings or the fretboard

Step 4: Clean the hardware

Use a soft cloth to clean the guitar’s hardware, such as the tuning pegs and bridge. Make sure to remove any dirt or grime that may have accumulated on these parts.

Clean the hardware
Clean the hardware

Step 5: Clean the string

Each string should be cleaned separately with a guitar string cleaner. This will assist in removing grime and dirt that may accumulate over time on the strings.

Step 6: Restring and tune the guitar

When you’ve finished cleaning the guitar, it’s time to restring it. Follow our instructions for restringing your guitar and tune your guitar accurately. You should use a guitar tuner or a guitar tuner app to have the best effect.

Step 7: Store the guitar

Finally, to prevent damage from dust and other environmental elements, keep your guitar in a safe place, like a guitar case.

By following these steps, you can keep your guitar in good condition and ensure that it looks and sounds its best. Keep in mind that clean guitar is always better than a dirty one and it will inspire you to play it more frequently.