How Deep The Father’s Love For Us Chords by Stuart Townend

The article is about “How Deep The Father’s Love For Us chords”. In this post, we will give you the chord progression of the song “How Deep The Father’s Love For Us” by Stuart Townend and guide you on how to play this song on guitar.

Track Info

How Deep The Father's Love For Us Chords By Stuart Townend
  • Song: How Deep The Father's Love For Us
  • Artist: Stuart Townend
  • Writers: Stuart Townend

Chords Info

  • Tuning E A D G B E
  • Key E
  • Capo 2nd fret
  • Chord used D Em G Bm A

Verse 1

How dDeep the Father’s lEmove fDor Gus

How vDast beyond all mBmeasuAre

That DHe should give His Emonly DSonG

To makDe a wretch His AtreasDure

How great the pain of EmseariDng losGs

The FaDther turns His faBmce awaAy

As wDounds which mar the EmChoseDn OGne

Bring mDany sons to AglorDy

Verse 2

BeholDd the man Emupon Da cGross

My Dsin upon His shBmouldeArs

ADshamed I hear my mEmockinDg voicGe

Call outD among the scoAffersD

It was my sin that hEmeld HDim theGre

UnDtil it was accBmomplisAhed

His Ddying breath has brouEmght Dme lGife

I kDnow that it is fAinisDhed

Verse 3

ID will not boast in EmanyDthiGng

No giDfts, no power, no BmwisdoAm

BuDt I will boast in JEmesus DChriGst

His deaDth and resurreActionD

Why should I gain from EmHis rDewaGrd

I cDannot give an BmansAwer

But Dthis I know with aEmll mDy heGart

His woDunds have paid my AransDom

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