Gentle On My Mind Chords by Glen Campbell

Gentle On My Mind is a poignant ballad that captures the essence of wanderlust and the longing for freedom. Let’s play guitar with Genle on my mind chord in this article.

Track Info

Gentle On My Mind Chords
  • Song: Gentle on my mind
  • Artist: Glen Campbell
  • Writers: John Hartford
  • Producers: Felton Jarvis

Chords Info

  • Tuning E A D G B E
  • Key Eb
  • Capo 1st fret
  • Chord used D A Em D6 Ẹm7 Dmaj7 Emmaj7



Verse 1

DIt’s knowing that your Dmaj7door is always D6open

And your Dmaj7path is free to Emwalk

That Emmakes me tend to Emmaj7leave my sleeping Em7bag

Rolled up and Astashed behind your Dcouch

And it’s Dknowing I’m not Dmaj7shackled

By D6forgotten words and Dmaj7bonds

And the Dink stains that are Dmaj7dried upon some Emline

That Emmaj7keeps you in the Emmaj7backroads

By the Em7rivers of my Amemory

It Emkeeps you ever Agentle on my Dmind

Verse 2

It’s not Dclinging to theDmaj7 rocks and ivy

D6Planted on their Dmaj7columns now that Embind me

Or sEmomething that Emmaj7somebody said

Em7Because they thought we Afit together Dwalking

It’s just DknowingDmaj7 that the world will not beD6 cursing

Or Dmaj7forgiving when I Dwalk along some Dmaj7railroad track and Emfind

That you’re Emmoving on the Emmaj7backroads

By the Em7rivers of my Amemory

And for Emhours you’re just Agentle on my Dmind

Verse 3

Though the Dwheat fields and theDmaj7 clotheslines

And the D6junkyards and the Dmaj7highways come bEmetween us

And Emsome other woman’s Emmaj7crying to her Em7mother

Cause she Aturned, and I was Dgone

I Dstill might run in Dmaj7silence, tears of D6joy might stain my Dmaj7face

And the Dsummer sun might Dmaj7burn me ’til I’m Emblind

But Emnot to where I Emmaj7cannot see you Em7walking on the Abackroads

By the Emrivers flowing Agentle on myD mind

Verse 4

I Ddip my cup of Dmaj7soup back from a D6gurgling

Crackling Dmaj7caldron in some Emtrain yard

My Embeard a rough’ning, Emmaj7coal pile

And a Em7dirty hat pulled Alow across my Dface

Through Dcupped hands ’round the Dmaj7tin can

I D6pretend Dmaj7to hold you to my breast and Emfind

That you’re Emwaiting from the Emmaj7backroads

By the Em7rivers of my Amemories

Ever Emsmiling ever Agentle on my Dmind

With its gentle melody and heartfelt lyrics, Gentle On My Mind chords have resonated with new guitarist. Now, hold your guitar and practice the chords.