Exploring 8 string lap steel tuning 

The 8 string lap steel guitar is indeed an extraordinary instrument. Its unique design and playing technique set it apart from traditional guitars, creating a distinct and captivating sound. This instrument is highly valued in various music genres. Check out the 8 string lap steel tuning now and learn how to tune this guitar

What is 8 string lap steel tuning

The 8 string lap steel guitar is a unique and specialized musical instrument that belongs to the family of steel guitars. It is distinct from traditional guitars in terms of both design and playing technique. It is played horizontally, resting on the player’s lap or on a stand, instead of being held vertically like a standard guitar.

The 8 string lap steel guitar is a captivating and distinctive instrument. Therefore, it is favored by musicians and enthusiasts looking to explore a wide range of musical expressions and styles. Thus lap steel guitar tuning is vastly different from 8 string guitar standard tuning or 8 string ukulele tuning. 

8 string lap steel has special design
8 string lap steel has special design

Special features of 8 string lap steel tuning

Playing technique

Lap steel guitar uses a technique of sliding guitar technique to create sound, in which the player uses material that can slide (slide) along the strings. This produces such a smooth and distinctive sound with keystrokes as in other 8-stringed guitars.

Unique sound

Thanks to the technique of applying strings, the steel guitar’s heart provides a unique, smooth, and distinctive sound. Steel guitar’s characteristic warm and melodic tones are further enhanced with the 8-string tuning. The additional strings contribute to a full and resonant sound that’s captivating and evocative.

Musical Style

Steel guitars are commonly used in country, folk, blues, and Hawaiian genres, while other eight-stringed guitars can appear in a variety of musical genres, including rock, metal, jazz, and classical music.

Lap steel guitar has many special points
Lap steel guitar has many special points

How to tune 8 string guitar 

8 string lap steel tuning has a number of popular tunings, of which one of the most popular is the C6 tuning. C6 tuning refers to placing strings on specific notes to form the following tuning (from low to high strings):C – E – G – A – C – E

In addition, there are some other tuning methods you can refer to:

  • Open A (high bass): A – C♯ – E – A – C♯ – E
  • Open A (low bass): E – A – E – A – C♯ – E
  • A6: C♯ – E – F♯ – A – C♯ – E
  • Open D: D – A – D – F♯ – A – D
  • Open E: E – B – E – G♯ – B – E
  • Open G (Dobro): G – B – D – G – B – D
  • Open G (low bass): D – G – D – G – B – D

Who is suitable to play 8 string lap steel? 

The 8-string lap steel guitar is a great choice for traditional music enthusiasts, especially country, folk, blues and Hawaiian music. It is suitable for artists and musicians who have a passion and interest in these musical styles and want to experiment with the smooth and unique sound of the lap steel guitar.

In addition, the lap steel guitar is also attractive to those who love stringing techniques and want to explore a new and creative way of playing. The string touch technique allows players to create a smooth and emotional sound, making this guitar suitable for those who love to explore and develop their own style in playing.

However, if you’re a beginner, the lap steel guitar might not be the best choice to start with. It is important to have patience and effort to learn and master the technique of tapping and playing the lap steel guitar.

Lap steel 8 string guitar is not suitable for beginners
Lap steel 8 string guitar is not suitable for beginners

In conclusion, the insights provided in this article have undoubtedly enriched your comprehension of the 8 string lap steel tuning. With its versatile tuning, expressive slide techniques, and captivating sound, the 8-string lap steel guitar beckons musicians to embark on a journey of musical discovery.