Everybody Hurts Chords by R.E.M.

Here is a basic Everybody Hurts chords by R.E.M. These chords are suitable for intermediate guitar players. The song primarily uses basic chords but also includes some more complex ones.

Track Info

Everybody Hurts R.e.m.
  • Song: Everybody Hurts
  • Artist: R.E.M.
  • Producers: Scott Litt, R.E.M.

Chords Info

  • Tuning E A D G B E
  • Capo no capo
  • Chord used C G D A D/F# Em Am Bm F#

Verse 1

DWhen your day is longG

And the nDight, the night is yours aGlone

DWhen you’re sure you’ve had eGnough

Of this lDife, well hang on G  D/F#   Em


Don’t let yourself Ago  Em

Cause everybody cAries  Em

Everybody hAurts sometimes

Verse 2

SomeDtimes G sometime everything is wrong

Now it’s time to sing aDlong

When your day is night aGlone D

If you feel like letting go

If you think you’ve had too Gmuch

Of this lDife, well hang Gon G  D/F#   Em


Cause everybody huArts Em

Take comfort in your frAiends Em

Everybody hAurts F#


Don’t throw your hBmand, F#oh Bmno

F#Don’t throw your BmhandC

If you feel like you’re aGlone

CNo, no, no, you’re not aAmlone D

Verse 3

If you’re on your ownG in this lDife

The days and nights are lGong..D

When you think you’ve had too mGuch

Of this liDfe to hang Gon G  D/F#   Em


Well, everybody hAurts someEmtimes

Everybody crAies Em

Everybody hAurts, someDtimes G

Hopefully, Everybody Hurts chords will be an encouragement for you, helping you to cultivate passion and confidence when playing this song on the guitar.