Colors Of Wind Chords By Vanessa Williams

Unlocking the melody: Colors of the Wind Chords. It is your opportunity to unravel the captivating essence of this beloved song. These chords are the keys to weaving the enchanting tapestry of “Colors of the Wind,” much like the wind itself weaves through the landscape in the Disney classic.

Track Info

Color Of The Wind Chords
  • Song: Colors Of The Wind
  • Artist: Vanessa Williams
  • Writers: Alan Menken
  • Producers: Alan Menken Stephen Schwartz

Chords Info

  • Tuning D G C F A D
  • Key Bb
  • Capo no capo
  • Chord used Em Dm C Am F G

Verse 1

You tChink you own whatever lAmand you land on

The ECarth is just a dead thing you can Cclaim

But AmI know every rock and tree and cFreature

Has a Dmlife, has a spirit, has a nAmame

You Cthink the only Ampeople who are people

Are the Cpeople who look and think like Emyou

But Amif you walk the footsteps of a strFanger

You’ll learn thDmings you never kGnew you neveGr knew


Have you Amever heard the wolf cry to the bEmlue corn mFoon

Or Amasked the grinning bobcat why he grEminned?

Can you sFing with all the vGoices of the mAmountain?

Can you pFaint with all the colors of the wGind?

Can you pFaint with all the cGolors of the wCind?

Verse 2

Come Crun the hidden pine trails of theAm forest

Come Ctaste the sun-sweet berries of theEm Earth

ComeAm roll in all the riches all arouFnd you

And foDmr once, never wGonder what tAmhey’re worth

The rCainstorm and the river are my brAmothers

The hCeron and the otter are my friendsEm

And Amwe’re all connected to each othFer

In a cDmircle, in a hooGp that neverC ends


Have you Amever heard the wolf cry to the Emblue corn Fmoon

Or Amlet the eagle tell you where he’s Embeen

Can youF sing with all the Gvoices of the Ammountain?

Can you F7mpaint with all the colors of the Gwind?

Can you Fpaint with all the Gcolors of the Cwind?


CHow hFigh does the Emsycamore gAmrow?

If you Dmcut it down

Then you’ll nGever know


And you’lAml never hear theEm wolf cry to the blue cornF moon

For Amwhether we are white or copper-Emskinned

We need Fto sing with all tGhe voices of tAmhe mountain

Need Fto paint with all tGhe colors of the wind

You can oAmwn the Earth and still

All you’ll oEmwn is Earth until

You can pFaint with all cGolors of the wCind

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