Chords to Rainbow Connection by Jim Henson

In the article, we will give you the chords to “Rainbow Connection” – a song from the film The Muppet Movie performed by Jim Henson as Kermit the Frog in the film, and teach you how to play this famous soundtrack on guitar.

Track Info

Chords To Rainbow Connection By Jim Henson
  • Song: Rainbow Connection
  • Artist: Jim Henson
  • Writers: Paul Williams, Kenneth Ascher
  • Producers: Paul Williams, Jim Henson
  • Album: The Muppet Movie: Original Soundtrack Recording

Chords Info

  • Tuning E A D G B E
  • Capo No capo
  • Chord used G Em C D D7 Bm Am D#maj7 A F#m E E7 C#m

Verse 1

GWhy are there Emso many Csongs abouDt rainbows

GAnd what’s on the otEmher siCde?

GRainbows are vEmisions, Cbut only iDllusions

And Grainbows have nothinEmg to hCide

CSo we’ve been told and some cChoose to believe it

DI know they’re wrong wait and D7see


CSomeday we’ll fiDnd it, the Bmrainbow connecEmtion

CThe lovers, the Ddreamers and Gme

Verse 2

GWho said that Emevery wish

Would Cbe heard aDnd answered

GWhen wished on the morEmning sCtar?

GSomebody thougEmht of that

And soCmeone beliDeved it

GLook what it’s dEmone soC far

CWhat’s so amazing that kCeeps us stargazing

And Dwhat do we think we might D7see?


CSomeday we’ll fiDnd it, the Bmrainbow connecEmtion

CThe lovers, the Ddreamers and mGe


DAll of us Gunder its Dspell

CWe know that it’s Amprobably DmagD#maj7ic

Verse 3

AHave you been F#mhalf asleep

And haDve you heard vEoices?

AI’ve heard them F#mcalling my Dname

AIs this the F#msweet sound

That caDlls the young Esailors?

AThe voice might be F#mone and the sDame

DI’ve heard it too many tiDmes to ignore it:

It’s somE7ething that I’Em supposed to be


DSomeday we’ll finEd it, the C#mrainbow connecF#mtion

DThe lovers, the Edreamers and mAe


EDa-da-da-dAee-da-da dEum


Above are the lyrics and chords to “Rainbow Connection”. Grab your guitar, tune it up with our guitar tuner Guitar Tunio, and try this tab now. We hope it sounds right for you. Practice the song and have fun!