7-String and 12-String Guitar Tunings

Guitar Tunio is one of the most accurate and reliable guitar tuners for 7-string and 12-string guitars. Besides the standard tuning, we also provide a number of alternate tunings for you. You can refresh your guitar sound by trying to tune your guitar with these alternate guitar tunings. Upgrade to the Pro version so as to tune your 7-string/ 12-string instrument and unlock all 7 & 12-string guitar tunings.

7-string & 12-string guitar tunings
7-string & 12-string guitar tunings

All of the 7 & 12-string guitar tunings in the Pro Guitar Tunio app are listed below:

7-String Guitar Tuning

Standard: B E A D G B E

Metal: B E A D G B E

Jazz: A E A D G B E

Lenny Breau: E A D G B E A

Charlie Hunter: A D A D G B E

Russian Open G: D G B D G B D

12-String Guitar Tuning

Standard: E E A A D D G G B B E E

Variant: E E A A D D G G B B E E

Variant 2: E E A A D D G G B B E E

Above are all the 7 & 12-string guitar tunings we provide for musicians in the Guitar Tunio app. Click here or the link below to learn more and download our amazing app. 
App Store: https://apps.apple.com/vn/app/guitartunio-guitar-tuner/id1448661287
Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.appsnemo.guitartunerpro

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