Classic Guitar or Acoustic Guitar?

Beginners should buy Classic or Acoustic? In the process of learning Guitar, many new guitarists are wondering which one to buy between Classic and Acoustic. Therefore, in this article, we will share a little experience for those who are new to learning.

Choosing a guitar for a beginner is difficult for the following reasons:

1. Don’t know which wood is the best wood for making a guitar and giving it a good sound. Some customers who have tried many guitars think that: Guitar made of Pine wood will give good sound and the price is soft. Because the grain looks very beautiful, the pine wood is light, less warping, the sound is smooth and resonant. This is a personal opinion but you can also refer to it if you do not know what wood to choose a guitar made of.

 2. Are the notes coming out standard or not? This is the “hardest” part for beginners because they have no experience. The guitar looks beautiful from the outside, but it’s only when you play it that you know if it’s good or not. In order to “listen” to it, you need to have a good sense of music.

 3. Check for technical errors. This is also a challenge for begginers because for experienced people, they only need to look at it to know where the error is or the good one.


Both classic and acoustic guitars are great instruments and can offer different playing experiences. But what are differences and what should you choose? The first thing I want to say is your decision to choose a guitar depends a lot on your playing purposes as well as your own preferences.

How much time do you need to practice Guitar?

Classic guitar uses nylon strings and is used to play classical music, instrumental music. The sound of the guitar is very smooth and warm. With Classical Guitar, players need to spend more time and effort than practicing Acoustic Guitar. Therefore, in order to play the classical guitar well, the player must have a much high technical level. The training techniques are also much more complicated, making the practice time not less. . That’s why now there are many classes to teach fast guitar accompaniment or guarantee to be able to sing accompaniment after a week of practice.

The music style

Acoustic Guitar has a very different sound from Classic Guitar, so it is suitable for Pop and Rock music, and is also an ideal instrument for accompanists to sing for strong music. Many fingerpick guitarist use Classic Guitar because it gives them a clear distinction between highs, mids, and lows. It is suitable for Spanish, Folk, Jazz, solo and orchestral music because it has a sweet, full sound, bass-oriented sound.

Can Classic guitar play accompaniment?

Some beginners think that only Acoustic Guitar can play as accompaniment and Classic Guitar can’t, Classic only plays solo. This is a wrong statement because these two types of instruments can both be solo and accompaniment. However, it is important that the sound is suitable for which style you play. The classical guitar can be used for accompaniment, for example, songs with a warm, gentle classical tone that is suitable and good. Acoustic guitars are loud and sharp, so they are mainly used to play accompaniment for strong and exciting music. It can also play classical music or fingerstyle, but the sound is not as good as when you play Classic.

Structure and design

Another feature that can greatly influence your decision to buy a guitar is the structure of the guitar. Classical guitars often have wider necks than acoustic guitars. Classic guitars use nylon strings with a slightly wider spacing between the strings (because of the large neck). Therefore, if you use Classic, it will be less painful and easier to practice. Acoustic guitars use iron strings with a small neck, so it’s a bit difficult to play and it will hurt a bit more than when practicing with Classic.

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