Valuable Guitar Playing Experiences for Guitarists

As a guitar player who wants to stick life with this string instrument, surely everyone would like to become a great guitarist who captivates listeners. But it will not be easy to achieve this. In fact, the number of guitar lovers is not a small number, but the number of professional guitar players whose works go into people’s hearts is quite small. In this article, we will share valuable lessons learned to help you play the guitar better. Hope these guitar-playing experiences can help your musical path.

Guitar Lesson: Hard Work Makes Success!

The first lesson is “Hard work makes success”. We should understand that playing a musical instrument, specifically playing the guitar, is like learning a certain subject, some people are good, some people are average and some people are bad. We often take the reason that they are smart, and learn quickly, so they are good, but in fact, there is no evidence that just being smart is enough to know everything, folks still have the saying “hard work beats talent”. If you do not have intelligence as a basis, then you can work hard, hard work can help you achieve your goals without intelligence.

Practicing guitar hard makes success
Hard Work Makes Success

Learning to play the guitar is the same, to be able to play good music and go into people’s hearts, hard work will be the first factor that you must have. When learning to play guitar, you need to practice regularly daily. It’s not about practicing as much as possible, you should divide the time appropriately between days, and don’t try to force your hands and brain to practice.

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Guitar Lesson: Identify Your Mistake & Fix It

Identify your mistake and fix it
Identify your mistake and fix it

Playing the guitar will not be without mistakes. When learning to play guitar, in addition to mastering musical theory and how to use the guitar, you need to know how to detect and correct errors – this is the second guitar-playing experience that we would like to share. As a newcomer or inexperienced guitar player, it will be difficult for you to avoid mistakes encountered during the playing process. Identifying mistakes is not simple, because, with the limited ability to play and experience, you will not be able to know where you are wrong and how to fix it. Therefore, you can ask an experienced guitar player to monitor and correct you. If you are just starting to play guitar, this is quite important, it will greatly affect your later improvement.

Guitar Lesson: Gradually Increase Difficulty

Gradually increase the difficulty and conquer it
Gradually increase the difficulty and conquer it

Most of us have a pretty bad personality: inertia, fear of change, and difficulty. We will often like to do the easy things, the difficult things will be very rarely touched. But if you want to improve your level and skills in playing the guitar, you need to change, make a specific practice schedule, start with simple exercises, and when you have mastered it, gradually increase the difficulty level. You should not try to practice the exercises that are too difficult if you have not mastered the basic lessons. Practicing exercises that are too difficult can make you frustrated and give up.

Guitar Lesson: Persevere With The Original Goal

Persevere with the original goal
Persevere with the original goal

Learning or doing anything needs a goal to strive for. Surely when you start learning and playing guitar you will set a goal to be able to play good and attractive music. But when your practice encounters difficulties, you may give up on the original goal. Therefore, to motivate yourself and be able to complete your plan, you should keep your goals and try to overcome difficulties. With the results achieved later, you will certainly feel very happy.

To be able to play the guitar well is a long process of practice and striving. With the little guitar-playing experiences shared above, we hope to help you somewhat in achieving the set goals.

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