Promise Chords by Laufey

In this article, we will dive into the world of Laufey’s Promise chords, examining their structure, emotional impact, and providing insights into incorporating them into your own musical compositions. Discover the power of these chords and embark on a journey of musical expression.

Track Info

Promise Chords By Laufey Wp
  • Song: Promise
  • Artist: Laufey
  • Writers: Laufey, Dan Wilson
  • Producers: Laufey, Dan Wilson
  • Album: Bewitched

Chords Info

  • Tuning E A D G B E
  • Key C
  • Capo No capo
  • Chord used C Am Am7 Cmaj7 Fmaj7 Dm7 C7 Fm C/E C/Bb Fm/Ab Fm6/Ab Fm6 Gm6/Bb G7 A7b9 C9 Fm6/C


C C/Bb Am7 Fm C

Verse 1

I made a C/BbpromiseAm7

To distanFm/Abce myselfC

Took a fligC/Bbht, through aurora Am7skies

Honestly Fm6/AbI didn’t think about

C/EHow we didn’t say C7goodbye

Just, “Fmaj7See you very sFm6oon”


It Dm7hurts to be something

It’s Fmworse to be nothingC with you C7 Am7 Fm6/Ab C

Verse 2

So I didn’tC/Bb call yoAm7u

For sixteen lFm6/Abong dayCs

And I should getGm6/Bb a cigaretteAm7

For so much restFm6raint

No matter Chow long I resC7ist temptation

Fmaj7I will always Fm6lose


It Dm7hurts to be something

It’s Fm6worse to be nothing with Dm7you


I’ve done the G7math

There’s no solCmaj7ution

We’ll never A7b9last

Dm7Why can’t I let Fm6go of this?

C C7 Fmaj7 Fm6 C C7 Fmaj7 Fm6 C

Verse 3

So I broke my C/BbpromiseAm7

I called youFm6 last nightC

I shouldn’t haveC9, I wouldn’t havAme

If it weren’t for the Fm6/Csight of a boy

Who Clookеd just like you

C7Standing out on Fmaj7Melrose AvFm6еnue


It Dm7hurts to be something

It’s Fm6worse to be nothingCmaj7 with you C7 Am7 Fm6


It Dm7hurts to be something

It’s Fm6worse to be nothing with you Fmaj7 Fm6 C

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