Hotel California Chords by Eagles

In the article, we’ll show you the chords of the song “Hotel California” by Eagles and guide you on how to play this song on guitar and ukulele.

Track Info

Hotel California Chords By The Eagles Wp
  • Song: Hotel California
  • Artist: Eagles
  • Writers: Don Felder, Don Henley, Glenn Frey
  • Producers: Bill Szymczyk
  • Album: Hotel California

Chords Info

  • Tuning E A D G B E
  • Key Bm
  • Capo 2nd fret
  • Chord used C G Am F D E7 Dm


Am E7 G D F C Dm E7 x2


AmOn a dark desert highway,E7 cool wind in my hair

GWarm smell of colitasD rising up through the air

FUp ahead in the distance, Drising up through the air

DmMy head grew heavy and my sight grew dim

E7I had to stop for the night

AmThere she stood in the doorway,E7 I heard the mission bell

GAnd I was thinking to myself

“This could be DHeaven or this could be Hell”

FThen she lit up a candle,C and she showed me the way

DmThere were voices down the corridor

E7I thought I heard them say


FWelcome to the Hotel CaliCfornia

Such a E7lovely place (such a lovely place), such a Amlovely face

FPlenty of room at the Hotel CaliCfornia

Any Dmtime of year (any time of year), you can E7find it here


AmHer mind is Tiffany-twisted, E7she got the Mercedes Benz

GShe got a lot of pretty, pretty boys Dthat she calls friends

FHow they dance in the courtyard, Csweet summer sweat

DmSome dance to remember,E7 some dance to forget

AmSo I called up the Captain;E7 “Please bring me my wine”

He said, G‘We haven’t had that spirit here sinceD 1969″

FAnd still those voices are calling from Cfar away

DmWake you up in the middle of the night

E7Just to hear them say


FWelcome to the Hotel CaliCfornia

Such a E7lovely place (such a lovely place), such a Amlovely face

They Flivin’ it up at the Hotel CaliCfornia

What a Dmnice surprise (what a nice surprise), bring your E7alibis


AmMirrors on the ceiling,E7 the pink champagne on ice

And she said, G‘We are all just prisoners here,D of our own device”

FAnd in the master’s chambers,C they gathered for the feast

DmThey stab it with their steely knives

But they E7just can’t kill the beast

AmLast thing I remember, I wasE7 running for the door

GI had to find the passage back to the Dplace I was before

F“Relax, ” said the night man

“We areC programmed to receive

DmYou can check out any time you like

E7But you can never leave”


Am E7 G D F C Dm E7 x3

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