Chords to I Dreamed A Dream by Susan Boyle

In the article, we will show you the chords to “I Dreamed a Dream” – a song performed by Susan Boyle, and teach you how to play this song on guitar.

Track Info

Chords To I Dreamed A Dream By Susan Boyle Wp
  • Song: I Dreamed a Dream
  • Artist: Susan Boyle
  • Writers: Claude-Michel Schönberg, Herbert Kretzmer
  • Producers: Steve Mac
  • Album: I Dreamed a Dream

Chords Info

  • Tuning E A D G B E
  • Capo No capo
  • Chord used D Em Dm E Bm7 Em7 B F#m7 D/C# Bm Bm/A G A G/F# B7 Em/D F#m/D G/D Asus A/C# Am/C E/D# C#m7 C#m/B A/G#


D D/C# Bm Bm/A G A


DI dreamed a dreD/C#am in time gone by BmBm/A

GWhen hope was higG/F#h and life worth Em7living  A

DI dreamed that lovD/C#e would never diBm7e    Bm/A

GI prayed that GodG/F# would be forgiviEm7ng      A

DThen I was younD/C#g and unafraid  Bm      Bm/A

GAnd dreams were madG/F#e and used and wasted Em7    A

DThere was no ranD/C#som to be paiBm7d        Bm/A

GNo song unsungG/F#, no wine untasEm7ted       A


BBut the tigers come at nigEmht

BWith their voicB7es soft as thunEder

AAs they tear your hopes aparDmt

AAnd they turn your dreams to sham DEm/DF#m/DG/DA e


DHe slept a summD/C#er by my sidBme  Bm/A

GHe filled my daysG/F# with endless wonEm7der   A

DHe took my chilD/C#dhood in his strBm7ide   Bm/A

GBut he was gonAsuse when autuAmn came D   A/C#Am/CB

EAnd still I dreE/D#am he’d come to me  C#m7    C#m/B

AThat we would liveA/G# the years togetF#m7her   B

EBut there are dreE/D#ams that cannot be  C#m7    C#m/B

AAnd there are storA/G#ms we cannot weaF#m7ther    BE E/D#


C#m7I had a dreaC#m7/Bm my life would be  AA/G#

F#m7So different froBm this hell I’m livEing

So different E/D#now from what it C#m7seemed   C#m/B

ANow life has kilBled the dream, I dreEamed


E/D# C#m7 C#m/B A B E

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