Burn Burn Burn Chords by Zach Bryan

The article is about burn burn burn chords. We will give you the chords of the song “Burn, Burn, Burn” by Zach Bryan and teach you how to play this song on guitar.

Track Info

Burn Burn Burn Chords By Zach Bryan
  • Song: Burn, Burn, Burn
  • Artist: Zach Bryan
  • Writers: Zach Bryan
  • Producers: Zach Bryan, Eddie Spear

Chords Info

  • Tuning E A D G B E
  • Capo 3rd fret
  • Strumming pattern D D UDU
  • Chord used C G Am F

* = Strum once



Verse 1

CEveryone seems a damn genius lately

CTik-Tok talking, late-night TV

There’s Amstill so much GI have yet to kCnow

We Cget dressed up just to go downtown

In some Cego-filled late night crowd

It Amseems to be where I fGeel most aClone

Verse 2

I’d like to Cget lost on some old back road

CFind a shade tree and a honey hole

And Amtalk to my gGrandpa agCain

And CI see God in everything

The Ctrees and pain and nights in the spring

So Amwhy do I sGtill long for a home?C

Verse 3

I’d like to Clay in a field on a cozy blanket

And Cfeel the fear of never wakin’

To Amknow the true wGarmth of thе sCun

I’d like to Clove my lady long and hard

And Clay down lines of laymеn guitar

AmNever leave her Gloving armCs again

Verse 4

My Cexes hate me and my friends all miss me

I Cwanna drown in rot gut whiskey

AmLeave this small tGown for awhCile

CHeading to Paris on a late-night flight

CFind a bar and get in a fight

AmWrite a few poems on a sGunny balcoCny

Verse 5

I Cwanna be a child climbing trees somewhere

CBreathing in the fresh outside air

And befAmore I knew this lGife was unkCind

I want a Cwell-trained dog on a couple of acres

A Ckind, kind lady and a place to take her

AmFew good friends I can Gcount on one of myC hands

Verse 6

I Cknow I’m bound to die one day

So Cwhen I reach those golden gates

I Ampray to say I Gdid the best IC can

CSit with my mother and the dearly departed

CSend a prayer down to the broken-hearted

AmLet ’em know it Gall turns out justC fine

Verse 7

To Cknow me is to love me and to hate me is to wrong me

CI prefer my nights so lonely

Love Am*blues guitar, G*muscle cars, and Cgin

I’m a Csimple man, I don’t need much

Just my Csimple songs and some human touch

I’m Amtired now, so I’m Gbringin’ my assC home


So let me Fgo down the lCine

Let me feel it aGll

Joy, pain, andF sky

So let me Fgo down the lCine

We all Gburn, burn, burn and Fdie


So let me Fgo down the lCine

I wanna feel it aGll

Joy, pain, andF sky

So let me Fgo down the lCine

We all Gburn, burn, burn andF then die


So let me F*go down the lC*ine

I wanna feel it aG*ll

Joy, pain, andF* sky

So let me go down the lC*ine

We all G*burn, burn, burn and theF*n die

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