The Impossible Dream Chords by Andy Williams

The article is about The Impossible Dream chords. We will explore the chords of the song “The Impossible Dream” by Andy William and learn how to play this song on guitar.

Track Info

The Impossible Dream Chords By Andy Williams 768x432
  • Song: The Impossible Dream
  • Artist: Andy Williams
  • Writers: Mitch Leigh, Joseph Darion
  • Album: Honey

Chords Info

  • Tuning E A D G B E
  • Capo 3rd fret
  • Chord used D Em D7 B G C Am Bm F

DTo Gdream the imposDsible dreGam

To Cfight the unbeaGtable foe CAm

To Bmbear with unbearable Csorrow

And to Amrun where the brave dare not go D

To Gright the unrigDhtable wroGng

And to Clove pure and Gchaste from aAmfar

To Bmtry when your arms are too weaCry

To Amreach the unreachable staDr

This is my Gquest to follow that Emstar

No matter how Bmhopeless, no matter how Cfar

To fight for the Emright without question or Cpause

To be willing to Gmarch into Emhell for a Cheavenly Fcause

And I Amknow if I’ll only be Ftrue to this glorious Bmquest

That my Cheart will lie peaceful and Amcalm

When I’m laid to my Brest         D D7

And the worlGd will be bettDer for thisBm

That one Cman, scorned and Gcovered with Amscars

Still Bmstrove with his last ounce of Ccourage

To Gfight the unbeatabDle foe     Em     D

To Greach the unreaDchable staGr

Above are The Impossible Dream chords and lyrics. Pick up your guitar and practice the song now. Don’t forget to tune your guitar properly with Guitar Tunio before you play. Good luck!