Stand By Me Ukulele Chord by Ben E King

For newcomers to the ukulele, seeking out straightforward music tutorials is a great way to steadily enhance their musical abilities. Stand by Me ukulele chords present an excellent starting point. Begin your journey by mastering the chords for this timeless song. Dive in and learn how to play the harmonies of this beloved tune today.

Track Info

Stand By Me Ukulele Chord
  • Song: Stand By Me
  • Artist: Ben E King
  • Album: Don't Play That Song

Chords Info

  • Key C, Am
  • Capo no capo
  • Chord used C G Am F



Verse 1

CWhen the night has come Amand the land is dark

And the Fmoon is the Gonly light we sCee

No I won’t be afraid No I..I Amwon’t be afraid

Just as Flong as you Gstand, stand Cby me


CSo darling darling stand, by me

Oh Oh, sAmtand by me

Oh sFtand, G stand by me, stand by me

Verse 2

CIf the Sky that we look upon Am should tumble and fall

Or the Fmountains, should cCrumble, to the sCea

CI won’t cry I won’t cry No I..I wAmon’t shed a tear

Just as Flong as you Gstand, stand Cby me

CSo darling darling stand, by Me

Oh Oh, Amstand by me

Oh FstandG, stand by meC, stand by me

CWhenever your in trouble won’t you stand by me,

Ohhhh Amstand by me oh Fstand by me, Gstand by me,  Cstand by me

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