How To Play Bbm7 Ukulele Chord

Ukulele learners are probably no strangers to the Bbm7 ukulele chord. While it may not be as common as some other chords, it certainly adds richness to your music. Learn how to play this chord fully and accurately in the following article.

Introduction of Bbm7 ukulele Chord

BBm7 is a B flat minor seventh chord on the ukulele. It’s a type of minor seventh chord, with an added flattened seventh note. In this case, the flattened seventh note is Ab. Musically, this chord often evokes a sense of melancholy, depth, and is suitable for various genres such as blues, jazz, and ballads. While BBm7 is often used to create a sad and mellow atmosphere, Bb7 ukulele chord is typically used to create a strong and vibrant feeling.

How to play Bbm7 chord on ukulele

Position 1

This chord might seem straightforward since it’s just a barre chord. Simply place your index finger across the first fret, ensuring it presses down on all four strings simultaneously and that all the notes sound clear. However, one challenge with this chord is holding the ukulele comfortably while playing. 

You may find it awkward to balance it on your middle finger. Experiment with gripping harder with your thumb or finding a hand position that feels comfortable for you.

Bbm7 Ukulele Chord Position 1
Bbm7 Chord Position 1

Position 2

Bbm7 Chord Position 2
Bbm7 Chord Position 2

Position 3

Bbm7 Ukulele Chord Position 3
Bbm7 Ukulele Chord Position 3

After learning how to play the Bbm7 chord on the ukulele, you’ve opened a new door full of potential for your musical creativity. While it may not be one of the most common chords, Bbm7 still brings a special and enriching sound to your music. Keep practicing and exploring how to incorporate this chord into your songs. Don’t hesitate to explore and innovate; with small steps, you’ll go far on your musical journey. Wishing you success and continued exploration in the colorful world of the ukulele.