Endless Love Chords by Diana Ross and Lionel Richie

The article is about endless love chords. “Endless Love” is a song written by Lionel Richie and originally recorded as a duet between Richie and singer/actress Diana Ross. We will guide you on how to play this good song on guitar in the following tab.

Track Info

Endless Love Chords By Diana Ross And Lionel Richie
  • Song: Endless Love
  • Artist: Diana Ross, Lionel Richie
  • Writers: Lionel Richie
  • Producers: Lionel Richie, James Anthony Carmichael
  • Album: Endless Love: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Chords Info

  • Tuning E A D G B E
  • Key A
  • Capo 1st fret
  • Chord used A D E F#m Dm7

Verse 1

AMy love

There’s only Dyou in my life

The Eonly thing that’s Aright

My first love

You’re every Dbreath that I take

You’re Eevery step I Amake


And DI … E, I want to Ashare

All my love with Dyou

No one Eelse will Ado

And your Deyes, your Eeyes, your eyes

They tell me how Amuch you care

Oh, Dyes, you will always Abe

My endless Alove

Verse 2

Two hearts

Two hearts that Dbeat as one

Our Elives have Ajust begun

Forever (Oh, oh-oh-ooh)

I’ll hold you Dclose in my arms

I Ecan’t resist your Acharms


And Dlove (Oh, Elove)

I’ll be a Afool for F#myou, I’m Dsure

You Eknow I don’t Amind (Oh, you know I don’t mind)

‘Cause Dyou, Eyou mean the Aworld to F#mme, oh

I Dknow, I know

(I’ve found) I’ve Dm7found in you my Dendless Alove


And Dlove (Oh, Elove)

I’ll be that Afool for F#myou, I’m sure

You Eknow I don’t Amind (Oh, you know I don’t mind)


And, Dyes

You’ll be the Aonly one

‘Cause Dno one can Adeny

This Dlove I have Ainside

And DI’ll give it all to Ayou

My Dlove (My love, my love)

My Eendless Alove

Above are the Endless Love chords and lyrics by Diana Ross and Lionel Richie. Tune up your guitar accurately with the Guitar Tunio app and practice playing this song by trying out this tab. We hope it sounds right to you. Enjoy it!