Edelweiss Chords by Misc Musicals

Despite many years having passed, “Edelweiss” remains one of the beloved songs frequently performed in music events and cultural gatherings. Let’s delve into the detailed Edelweiss chords progression of Edelweiss right away.

Track Info

Edelweiss Chords
  • Song: Edelweiss
  • Artist: Misc Musicals
  • Writers: Richard Rodgers

Chords Info

  • Tuning E A D G B E
  • Key Ab
  • Capo 1st fret
  • Chord used C G D Am7 Em D7 C/E A7 G/F Cm/Eb

G EdelDweiss, G edelCweiss

G Every Emmorning you Amgreet D7me

GSmall and Dwhite, Gclean and Cbright

GYou lookD7 happy toG meet me

DBlossom of D7snow, may you Gbloom and grow

CBloom and A7grow foDrevD7er

GEdelG/Fweiss,C/E edelCm/Ebweiss

GBless my D7homeland forCever

Here are the Edelweiss chords for. This short and incredibly simple piece is perfect for you to start getting acquainted with the guitar. Practice regularly to improve your musical skills.