Eagles Wings Chords by Hillsongs

We introduce to you a song with simple chords, suitable for beginners. Eagles Wings Chords by Hillsongs is one of the songs that I encourage you to try to become familiar with and improve your guitar skills. The chord and lyrics of the song are provided in full below.

Track Info

Eagles Wings Chords
  • Song: Eagles Wings Chords
  • Artist: Hillsongs
  • Album: Touching Heaven Changing Earth

Chords Info

  • Tuning Standard tuning
  • Capo no capo
  • Chord used C G Am D




AmHere I am wDaiting, AbGide in me I prCay

AmHere I am lDonging for yGou

AmHide me in yDour love, bGring me to my knCees

AmMay I know JDesus more and mGore


GCome live in Cme, all my lAmife

Take Dover

GCome breathe in Cme and I will rAmise

On EDagles WGings

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Above are the Eagles Wings chords and lyrics by Hillsongs. Grab your guitar and practice strumming the song by following this tab. Don’t remember using the Guitar Tunio app to tune your guitar. We hope you like it.