Chords to Lodi By Creedence Clearwater Revival

The chords to Lodi by Creedence Clearwater Revival are your passport to the heart of this timeless rock classic. With a fusion of straightforward chords and a captivating melody, “Lodi” invites you to explore a musical landscape.

Track Info

Chord To Lodi
  • Song: Lodi
  • Artist: Creedence Clearwater Revival
  • Writers: John Fogerty
  • Producers: John Fogerty
  • Album: Green River

Chords Info

  • Tuning E A D G B E
  • Key Bb
  • Capo no capo
  • Chord used Bb F Eb Gm C G Am



Verse 1

BbJust about a year ago

I Ebset out on the rBboad

Seeking my fame and Gmfortune

And Eblooking for a pot of Fgold

BbThings got bad and Gmthings got worse

I Ebguess you know the Bbtune

Oh Lord, Fstuck in Lodi aEbgain   Bb

Verse 2

BbRode in on the Greyhound

I’ll be Ebwalking out if IBb go

I was just passing Gmthrough

Must be Ebseven months or Fmore

BbRan out of time and Gmmoney

EbLooks like they took my Bbfriend

Oh Lord, I’m Fstuck in Lodi aEbgain   Eb


BbEbBb  BbFEbBb

Verse 3

BbThe man from the magazine

EbSaid I was on my Bbway

Somewhere I lost Gmconnections

I Ebran out of songs to Fplay

I Bbcame into town a Gmone night stand

EbLooks like my plans fell Bbthrough

Oh Lord, Fstuck in Lodi aEbgain   Eb



Verse 4

CIf I only had a dollar

For Fevery song I Csung

Every time I’ve Amhad to play

While Fpeople sat there Gdrunk

You Cknow I’d catch the Amnext train

FBack to where I Clive

C Oh LordG, stuck in Lodi aFgain

Oh LCord, sGtuck in Lodi aFgain C



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