Chords for Ripple by Grateful Dead

In the article, we will give you the chords for Ripple – the sixth song on the Grateful Dead album “American Beauty” and teach you how to play the song on guitar. Follow the following tab to see how you can easily play this song.

Track Info

Chords For Ripple By Grateful Dead
  • Song: Ripple
  • Artist: Grateful Dead
  • Writers: Jerry Garcia, Robert Hunter
  • Producers: Grateful Dead, Steve Barncard
  • Album: American Beauty

Chords Info

  • Tuning E A D G B E
  • Capo No capo
  • Strumming pattern D DU DU DU
  • Chord used G C D Am A




Verse 1

GIf my words did glow with the gold of Csunshine

CAnd my tunes were played on the harp unstGrung

GWould you hear my voice come through the Cmusic?

CWould you Ghold it Dnear Cas it were your Gown?

Verse 2

GIt’s a hand-me-down, the thoughts are Cbroken

CPerhaps they’re better left unGsung

GI don’t know, don’t really Ccare

GLet there be Dsongs Cto fill the Gair


AmRipple in still Dwater

When there Gis no pebble Ctossed

Nor Awind to Dblow

Verse 3

Reach out your Ghand, if your cup be Cempty

CIf your cup is full, may it be agaGin

GLet it be known there is a Cfountain

GThat was not Dmade Cby the hands of Gmen

Verse 4

GThere is a road, no simple Chighway

CBetween the dawn and the dark of Gnight

GAnd if you go, no one may Cfollow

GThat path is Dfor Cyour steps Galone


AmRipple in still Dwater

When there Gis no pebble Ctossed

Nor Awind to Dblow

Verse 5

You who Gchoose to lead must Cfollow

CBut if you fall you fall alGone

GIf you should stand then who’s to Cguide you?

GIf I knew the Dway CI would take you Ghome


Lat da dat Gda, Lah da-ah da Cda, da

CLa da da, la da, da da da-ah, da Gda

GLat da dat da, Lah da-ah da Cda, da

GLa da da Dda, CLah da da da Gda

Note: h = Hammer-on (Check out the article “Essential Guitar Techniques for Beginners” to learn more about the hammer-on technique.)

Above are the lyrics and chords for “Ripple” distributed by Guitar Tunio. Hope you like this tab. Pick up your guitar and try this tab. This may be the easiest way to pluck this song on guitar. Have fun!