5 Best Youtube Channels for Free Guitar

Mastering the guitar is a time-consuming journey that demands substantial dedication. Nonetheless, by subscribing to these five Youtube Channels for Free Guitar, you’ll discover that playing the guitar becomes more accessible and manageable than ever before.


If you’re a beginner guitarist looking for low-cost guitar tuition, take your time and read the Youtube Channel for free guitar – Justin Guitar review. He is one of the pioneers of the free guitar lessons movement.

A good range of courses and fantastic tunes are available from Justin Guitar’s absolutely free online guitar lessons, which are of good quality. Users of Justin Guitar have a choice between three different lesson levels:

  • Beginners Guitar Course
  • Intermediate Method 
  • Style Modules: Blue rhythms, blues lead, fingerstyle folk, and a small amount of metal and rock 

The course structure provided by JustinGuitar was impressive, especially considering that some online tutorials jump into teaching songs using sheet music before covering the basics of reading music.

Justin often hosts live broadcasts where he conducts transcription sessions and engages in Q&A sessions. These live sessions provide a unique opportunity to witness the process of becoming a knowledgeable and proficient guitarist firsthand.

JustinGuitar: Best choice for learning guitar
JustinGuitar: Best choice for learning guitar


One of the biggest Youtube channels for free guitar is GuitarJamz. The channel has a large number of subscribers up to 2.8M The channel is hosted by Marty Schwartz, a highly skilled guitarist and instructor known for his friendly teaching style. 

GuitarJamz offers a wide range of guitar lessons, including tutorials for popular songs, techniques, scales, chords, and music theory. In order to help prospective guitarists study and master songs at their own pace, he offers detailed explanations, chord diagrams, and strumming patterns. 

Marty’s guitar channel on YouTube stands out for his exceptional patience and thoroughness, particularly in catering to beginners. He maintains an ideal pace in his lessons, ensuring that learners can grasp the concepts effectively. 

Occasionally, he features guest guitarists who provide insights into various techniques, adding valuable perspectives to the channel’s content. Marty’s explanations are consistently comprehensive and address common inquiries that beginners often encounter.

Marty Music

You know many benefits of playing guitar and want to learn it. Marty Schwartz founded and runs the well-known guitar education website Marty Music. Marty Music has established itself as a go-to source for guitar enthusiasts of all skill levels with its extensive library of lessons, tutorials, and song breakdowns.

Whether you’re a beginner just starting out or an experienced player looking to expand your repertoire, Marty Music provides a wealth of resources and lessons to help you develop as a guitarist. 

The Youtube channels for free guitar has garnered a large following and is highly regarded for its high-quality instruction and dedication to helping guitarists succeed on their musical journey.

Marty Music launched its inaugural video in 2008. It has since become a prolific source of high-quality content, offering a diverse range of lessons tailored for guitar enthusiasts of all backgrounds and skill levels. The channel has amassed an extensive collection of videos, providing many educational resources for guitar lovers worldwide.

Marty Music: learning guitar likes experts
Marty Music: learning guitar likes experts

Andy Guitar

One of the Youtube channels for free guitar is Andy Guitar. He has 1.28 million subscribers to his YouTube channel and a separate website where you can find his tutorials.

Similar to skilled guitar instructors, Andy’s communication skills shine through in his lessons, including this beginner tutorial. In this lesson, he guides you through essential skills like playing chords, which are fundamental to guitar playing. 

Starting out may pose challenges, as learning the guitar can be difficult, especially when adjusting to the discomfort of new fingers pressing down on the strings. However, Andy’s guidance and teaching style helped make the learning process more manageable.

Guitar Lessons 365

One of the most popular guitar YouTube channels is Guitar Lessons 365 Song, which has 1.23 million subscribers. Its main goal is to teach guitar techniques through song-based tutorials. To accommodate guitarists of all ability levels, it provides a wide choice of tutorials that cover different genres, styles, and difficulty levels.

In this channel, the videos are all shot at different sources to help you easily follow the change of hands when playing the guitar. In addition to song tutorials, the channel offers lessons on music theory, techniques, scales, chords, and improvisation. 

This comprehensive approach ensures that learners not only learn how to play specific songs but also develop a solid foundation of guitar knowledge and skills.

Final Thought

Guitar365: famous Youtube Channel
Guitar365: famous Youtube Channel

As you’ve witnessed, YouTube is an inexhaustible resource for enhancing your guitar skills. Dedicate yourself to diligent practice and carefully select a suitable YouTube channels for free guitar  to accelerate your musical progress. With determination and the right guidance, you’ll be on your way to achieving your desired musical proficiency in no time.

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