All Too Well 10 Minute Chords By Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift’s “All Too Well” has always been a beloved classic, known for its emotional depth and lyrical storytelling. The extended 10 minutes version was released as part of Taylor Swift’s re-recorded album. Let’s uncover the All Too Well 10 Minute chords that bring this epic narrative to life and explore the heartache.

Track Info

All Too Well 10 Minutes Chords
  • Song: All Too Well (10 Minute Version)
  • Artist: Taylor Swift
  • Writers: Taylor Swift, Liz Rose
  • Producers: Jack Antonoff, Taylor Swift

Chords Info

  • Tuning standard
  • Capo no capo
  • Chord used C G Am F




Verse 1

I wCalked through the door with you,G the air was cold

But sAmomething about it felt like hFome somehow

And I C left my scarf there at your sGister’s house

And you Am still got it in your drFawer, even now



Verse 2

Oh, your swCeet disposition and my wGide-eyed gaze

We’re sAminging in the car, getting lFost upstate

CAutumn leaves falling down like pGieces into place

And I can Am picture it after all these days


And I knCow it’s long gone and

That mGagic’s not here no more

And I mAmight be okay, but I’m not G fine at all FGAmF


Causе thCere we arе again on that lGittle town street

You Amalmost ran the red ’cause you were lFookin’ over at me

Wind in my hCair, I was there

I remGember it all too wAmell F

Verse 3

Photo Calbum on the counter, your chGeeks were turning red

You used to be a lAmittle kid with glasses in a twFin-sized bed

And your mCother’s telling stories ’bout you on the Gtee-ball team

You tAmaught me ’bout your past, thinking your fFuture was me

And you were tCossing me the car keys, “Fuck the pGatriarchy”

Keychain on the grAmound, we were always skipping tFown

And I was thinking on the drive down, “Any tGime now

He’s gonna say it’s lAmove,” you never called it what it wFas

Till we were dCead and gone and buried

Check the pGulse and come back swearing it’s the sAmame

After three months in the gFrave

And then you wondered where it went to as I reached for you

But all I felt was shame and you held my lifeless F&emspframe


And I knCow it’s long gone and

There was nGothing else I could do

And I forAmget about you long enough

To forgGet why I needed tFo GAmF


Cause hCere we are again in the mGiddle of the night

We’re dAmancing ’round the kitchen in the refrFigerator light

Down the stCairs, I was there

I remeGmber it all too wAmell F

And thCere we are again when nobGody had to know

You kAmept me like a secret, but I kFept you like an oath

Sacred prCayer and we’d swear

To remGember it all too wAmell F







Well, maybe we got lCost in translation, maybe I Gasked for too much

But maybe this tAmhing was a masterpiece ’til you tFore it all up

Running scCared, I was there

I remCember it all tAmoo well F

And you Ccall me up again just to brGeak me like a promise

So cAmasually cruel in the name Fof being honest

I’m a crCumpled-up piece of paper lGying here

‘Cause I remember it all, all, Amall F

Verse 4

They say Call’s well that ends well, but GI’m in a new hell

Every tAmime you double-crFoss my mind

You said if wCe had been closer in Gage, maybe it would’ve been fAmine

And that made me wFant to die

The idCea you had of me, who was she?

A nGever-needy, ever-lovely jAmewel whose shine reflects on yFou

Not wCeeping in a party bathroom

Some Gactress asking me what happened, yAmou

That’s what happened, yoFu

You who chCarmed my dad with self-effGacing jokes

SAmipping coffee like you’re on a lFate-night show

But then he wCatched me watch the front door all night, wGilling you to come

And he said, “AmIt’s supposed to be fun turFning twenty-one”



Verse 5

TCime won’t fly, it’s like I’m pGaralyzed by it

I’d like to bAme my old self again, but I’m stFill trying to find it

After plCaid shirt days and nights when you mGade me your own

Now you mAmail back my things and I wFalk home alone

But you kCeep my old scarf from that vGery first week

‘Cause it remAminds you of innocence and it smFells like me

You can’t get rCid of it

‘Cause you remGember it all too Am well F


‘Cause thCere we are again when I lGoved you so

BAmack before you lost the one real tFhing you’ve ever known

It was rCare, I was there

I remGember it all too Am well F


Wind in my hCair, you were there

You remGember it all

Down the stAmairs, you were there

You remFember it all

It was rCare, I was there

I remGember it all too Am well F

Verse 6

And I was never good at tCelling jokes But the pamunch line goes

“I’ll get Folder, but your lovers stGay my age”

From when your BrCooklyn broke my skAmin and bones

I’m a sFoldier who’s returning hGalf her weight

And did the twCin flame bruise paint yAmou blue?

Just betwFeen us, did the love affair mGaim you too?

Cause in this cFity’s barren cold

I still remember the fGirst fall of snow

And how it glistened as it fFell

I remember it all too wCell Am

Just betwFeen us, did the love affGair maim you all too C well? Am

Just betwFeen us, do you remGember it all too C well?

Just betwFeen us, I remGember it all too C well AmFG







The intricate chords and melodies serve as a poignant backdrop to the vivid storytelling, allowing listeners to connect on a profound emotional level. This All Too Well 10 Minute Chords of a beloved classic has breathed new life into an already cherished song. Lift your guitar, tune it, and experiment with this tab. We’re confident that this tab’s sound aligns with your expectations and resonates with your liking