5-string Bass Drop C Tuning

The 5-string bass guitar often carries a mystique of being reserved for the seasoned players, seen as a step up in the bassist’s journey. With dedication and proper tuning, you’ll find yourself mastering bass lines and even soloing sooner than you might imagine! Today, I’ll guide you through the crucial disparities the 5-string bass drop c tuning. 

Overview of drop C 5-string bass 

A 5-string bass guitar is a type of bass guitar that has five strings instead of the traditional four strings found on most bass guitars. The additional string is typically a lower string, allowing for extended range and deeper tones compared to a standard bass guitar. This extra string is usually tuned to a low B, giving the bassist access to notes that are lower in pitch than those on a standard bass guitar.

The low tuning of Drop C contributes to a heavier and more aggressive sound. This tuning is popular among bassists in heavy music genres where a powerful and distorted bass tone is desired.

How to tune 5-string bass drop C

Drop C tuning on a 5-string bass involves lowering the strings from their standard tuning to achieve the Drop C tuning. In Drop C tuning, the strings are tuned to the following pitches from low to high:

C (the lowest string)





To achieve Drop C tuning on a 5-string bass, you would typically tune the lowest string (the B string in standard tuning) down to a C. Then, you would tune the other strings accordingly to maintain the relative intervals between strings.

Here’s how you would tune each string of the 5-string bass from standard tuning (BEADG) to Drop C tuning:

Tune the low B string down to C.

Tune the E string down to A.

Tune the A string down to F.

Tune the D string down to C.

Keep the G string tuned to G.

After tuning all strings according to the Drop C tuning, you will have achieved the desired tuning for your 5-string bass, allowing you to play in Drop C without any issues. This tuning is commonly used in heavy metal and hard rock music due to its deep and heavy sound.

Overview Of Drop C 5 String Bass
Overview Of Drop C 5 String Bass

Best app for drop C tuning on 5-string bass

Guitar Tunio app – a valuable tool for musicians and bass guitar players, especially those interested in tuning to drop C for their 5-string bass.

Guitar Tunio is not just a simple tuning app, but also a powerful assistant for music playing. With its standard and customizable settings, this app helps you easily adjust your bass guitar strings to achieve a powerful and deep Drop C sound on your 5-string bass.

Guitar Tunio offers a user-friendly interface, making string tuning quick and accurate. You can effortlessly switch between different tuning settings, including Drop C, allowing you to create powerful and dynamic music.

Guitar Tunio The Best App For Tuning Drop C Bass Guitar
Guitar Tunio The Best App For Tuning Drop C Bass Guitar

Download app: iOS or Android

By embracing Drop C tuning on a 5-string bass, you not only expand your tonal palette but also tap into the rich heritage of bassists who have explored the lower registers to push the boundaries of music