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Guitar Tunio is one of the most convenient and accurate but simplest tuner apps for stringed instruments. It is user-friendly for all users, from novices to experienced ones. More than just a guitar tuner, it does so much more.

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Get your string instrument in tune with the best tuner app on Android and iOS. Guitar Tunio offers over different 200 tunings for common string instruments, a metronome, a chromatic tuner, as well as an extensive library of guitar and ukulele chords in the pro version. 

Guitar Tunio - High Quality Guitar Tuner App

Guitar Tunio – Guitar Tuner is one of the most convenient and accurate but simplest tuner apps for beginners and experts.  As you know, tuning a guitar has always been a tricky issue for every guitarist since the conventional guitar tuner is not so convenient to carry and is often easy to forget when leaving in a hurry. So, the guitar tuner is invented as the best solution for this concern. With a wide range of musical instruments, Guitar Tunio is considered as one of the best musical supporters, which is available on Google Play and App Store now.

Outstanding features of the Guitar Tuner

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Wide range of musical instruments

It works well with over 20 string instruments, including:

Over 200 tuning modes

Our tuner app offers over 200 tunings for instruments in the pro version. Some of them are:

  • GUITAR (Standard, Drop D, Drop C#, Drop C, Drop B, Drop A, Halt step down, Half step up, Open C, Open D, Open E, Open F, Open G, Open A, DADGAD, Guitarlele )
  • UKULELE (Soprano in C, Open D, Drop G, Baritone, Slack Key, Slide )
  • BASS 4-STRING (Standard, Drop D, Drop C, Drop B, Half step, Full step, Open A, Open E)
  • BASS 5-STRING (Standard, enor Standard, Standard C, Drop A, F# B E A D )
  • BASS 6-STRING (> Standard, E A D G C F, F# B E A D G )

Four excellent features

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Two tuning modes

Guitar Tunio has two tuning modes to suit all users. Easily switch between the two modes with the intuitive toggle button.

Auto mode

In this mode, all you have to do is to play any string and the app will automatically determine the string you’re trying to tune. The indicator will give the corect feedback for you about the pitch.  

Manual mode

With Manual mode, you simply select the string you want to tune on the app’s tuning screen and the app plays a realistic guitar tone in the exact pitch for you. Play the exact string you’ve chosen and our indicator will tell you whether it’s too sharp (higher pitch) or too flat (lower pitch). Once the indicator stabilizes in the middle of the screen that you have tuned up the correct pitch, move on to the next string.

Some other additional features

Quick and accurate response

Wide range of pitch sensor

Left-handed mode

No additional equipment needed

Try Guitar Tunio for free!

Tune your beloved string instrument with Guitar Tunio. Try all pro features free for 3 days. Download and enjoy it now!

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